Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 34)


guyzzz… thanks for the comments on my previous episode update and on my new ff… so here is the link of previous episode…
Episode 33

Gododia Mansion >

the episode start with ragini drinks coffee and walks to the main door. she bends down and takes the newspaper on her hand and reads the title one by one. she turned back and walks in. rithika is sitting on sofa. ragini sat beside her. rithika looks at her and stole the newspaper from her.

Ragini : give it to me!
Rithika : wait, i’m also want to read it.

rithika reads it. ragini glares at her and makes a face. rithika laughs on her. ragini glares at her and get up. she throws a pillow at rithika and step away.

ragini comes out from the house. ragini ‘s ear ring falls down fron her ear. ragini bends down to take it. two foot comes infront of her and stands. ragini looks at the foot.

ragini gets up and looks at the man.

Laksh : booh!

laksh scared her. ragini screamed and falls down. rithika hears ragini screamed and put the paper on table. laksh laughs on ragini. ragini glares. laksh stops laughing.

Laksh : may i help you?

laksh gives his hand and stands. ragini looks at him and gives her hand. laksh pulls her towards and they have a romantic eyelock. rithika comes there and looks at them.

Rithika : hmm-rrr.

rithika makes a sound. they broke their eyelock and stands.

Rithika : what is the matter?

rithika asked. raglak realizes it is a double -meaning question and said NOTHING. ragini walks from there.

Rithika : come in.

rithika asked him. laksh nods and walks in. ragini walks in. shomi comes in her way.

Shomi : what happened?
Ragini : nothing.

ragini just walked away. shomi looks confused and saw laksh and smiles.

Shomi : come in, son.

shomi welcomed him. laksh takes her blessings and smiles. laksh sat on the sofa. shomi gives him a cup of tea. laksh looks at the whole house and sees ragini entering the room.

Laksh : so, it is her room.

laksh thinks and drinks the coffee. shomi stands at there.

Shomi : what is the matter that take you here?
Laksh : nothing, aunt. i’m here because mother told me to check is everything ready for sangeet and mom told get the dresses for you all that chosen by mother as gift.
Shomi : oh, how sweet. tell your mom that I thanked her.
Laksh : of course, i do.

Laksh nods.

Maheshwari Mansion >

kavya is using her whatssap. she chats with her friends about how she felr when she saw laksh.

Kavya : i’m so happy that I now here with laksh. after ragini and karan’s marriage. we are the talk of this house.

kavya blushes and enjoys every minutes in the house.

AP comes to her and sees her happy.

AP : why are you so happy? control yourself. if anyone see you like this then they will think you are mental.

AP makes fun of her. kavya blushes and looks down.

Kavya : nothing, maa.

she said and gets up from bed and walks away. AP smiles and gets up.

Gadodia Mansion >

ragini was in her room bathing. laksh came there in look for rithika to talk about some plans. laksh didn’t find her. he hears the water sound and thinks rithika is in the bathroom. he sat down on the bed and waited for her. Laksh sees a album in table beside bed.

he takes the album and sees it one by one. he sees ragini’s childhood and baby photos.

Laksh : so cute.

Laksh takes a photo from the album and looks at it. he hears bathroom door open sound and puts the album down. he puts ragini childhood photo on his pocket and get up. ragini comes there with wearing a towel. laksh looks at her shockingly. ragini sees him and in a shock she about to scream. but laksh puts his hand on her mouth from preventing her scream.

laksh pushed ragini to thecorner of the room and looks at her. ragini looks at him. they stand there looking at each other speechless.

after a while, they came into their sense and ragini pulled out his hand from her mouth. she glares at him.

Ragini : what are you doing here?
Laksh : i came here to meet rithika
Ragini : don’t lie. don’t you see rithika goes to help mom?

laksh remembers it and looks at her.

Laksh : sorry, i forgot.
Ragini : how can you forget?

ragini pushed him away. laksh grabs her hand and they fall on bed. laksh smiles. ragini looks shocked. ragini’s wet hair touched laksh ‘s cheek. he help her to tuck her hair back. ragini gets up. laksh also gets up and smiles.

Ragini : get out.

ragini whishper in worry and laksh walk out. ragini looks at him going ang closes the door behind and stands touching the door. she reminisces the moment. her heartbeat race and fall. she feel it.

laksh looks lost and walks away with reminiscing the moments. he turns and looks at the closed door. he turn again and walks. ragini opens the door and looks at him and blushes..


so guyd here is the episode…i hope you will like it.. enjoy guyss… bye….

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