Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 31)


i’m back with another episode…

kavya hugs laksh. laksh hugs back. ragini sees them and gets jealous. laksh sees her. ragini turns away.

AP : get her in.

laksh gets her in. he sees ragini all the way. swara comes there.

Swara : come. i have a surprise for you.

ragini goes with her. swara makes her sit in the cushion. ragini looks at her.

Ragini : what is the surprise?
Swara : wait.
Ragini : sanskar.
Swara : wait.

ragini looks at her and waits. sanskar comes there with a gift. ragini gets up and looks at sanskar. sanskar gives the gift.

Ragini : what is in it?
Sanskar : see yourself.

sanskar pulls her nose. ragini wince in pain. sanskar and swara smiles. ragini takes out the gift.

Ragini : wow.

ragini looks aww. she is surprised as well.

Ragini : thanks.

ragini opens it and music comes from in. she loves it.

Ragini : loved it. i’ll show it to mom and dad.

ragini runs from there to shomi and shekar. she shows it to them.

Shomi : nice.
Shekar : its nice as you are.
Ragini : thanks mommy and daddy.

they smiles and ragini goes from there. she thinks rithika.

Ragini : i’ll show it to her.

ragini searched her and sees she is going to the terrace. ragini runs to terrace. she bumps into laksh. who is tapping his phone. their heads collide. rithika sees them. laksh’s phone collide on the floor.

Ragini : sorry.
Laksh : its okay

laksh goes down to get his phone. ragini goes down to help him. again their heads collide.

Ragini : sorry.

laksh looks at her and takes his phone. they get up. laksh sees the gift in her hand.

Laksh : what is it?
Ragini : gift.

she looks at gift and looks at him.

Laksh : who gifted?
Ragini : sanskar jiju.

laksh nods and rithika smiles looking at them.

Ragini : i want to ask you something.
Laksh : yed.
Ragini : who is that girl you hugged.?
Laksh : she is my mother’s brother’s daughter.

Ragini nods and goes from there. laksh looks at her smiling and goes. she comes to rithika.

Rithika : what did you talk to him?
Ragini : nothing.
Rithika : but nice chemistry.

Ragini blushes and pats her shoulder. ragini then shows the gift. rithika sees it.

Ragini : sanskar gifted me.
Rithika : nice.

ragini smiled. AP voiced them yo come down. they hear it and comes down. ragini-rithika and laksh-karan. comes down. the song plays. they smiles and makes themselves at right place. laksh and rithika stand beside their couples.

ragini and karan takes the ring in their hands. ragini signals to laksh. laksh nods. he goes from there to the main switch board. he looks around and switch it off. the place goes dark. rithika and karan changed their rings.

ragini takes her ring and about to put it in her hands. but someone stops her. ragini looks shocked. the man makes her wear the ring to him. ragini realizes there is no way so she puts it. the man wears a ring. ragini looks on. the man suddenly kisses her. ragini gets shocked.

DP : put the lights on.

laksh puts it on. they looks at him. laksh looks on.


so guys its the episode…enjoy….it…bye….

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  1. Lol

    Who is the guy ???

  2. Love rag and laksh was the one na who kissed her

  3. Lol

    Pls put the next part !! I can’t wait !!

  4. Akshaya

    Please update the next soon

  5. I think that man is laksh

  6. Amazngggggg episode dear.
    ……..loved it..hope dat its laksh 😉 keep rockng dear 🙂 🙂

  7. Akshata

    hope he was laksh. update soon i cant wait.

  8. Shana98

    the man should be laksh ….
    Awesome cant wait to read more…
    when is the next update??

  9. plz next part asap

  10. Megha123

    It is laksh ….btw It’s really awsm

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  12. I think lakshya is done this waiting for next part soon

  13. Awesome what a suspense yaar. I think laksh

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    Interesting and awesome

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