Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 28)

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Gadodia Mansion>

ragini pour water on laksh. laksh looks on at her angrily. ragini looks so shocked.

Ragini : i’m so sorry! sorry!

ragini says again and again. she looks worried for him. laksh glares at her. Laksh smile at her. ragini looks with a question.

Laksh : it’s okay!

ragini looks relieved and smiles. they giggles on. shomi hears it and comes to the entrance of the mansion.

Shomi : who is that?

shomi sees laksh and stops mid. shomi smiles.

Shomi : arrey! laksh beta! come in.

shomi comes to him. ragini stops smiling and looks down.

Laksh : hello! aunty.

laksh greeted her. ragini smiles. shomi glares at her.

Shomi : what happened to your shirt?

Laksh looks at ragini. ragini looks at him.

Laksh : nothing!
Shomi : hmmm. so you’re lying. i know ragini pours the juice on you. am i right?

ragini looks worried. laksh nodded. shomi glares at her and looks at laksh. laksh smiles seeing ragini on shomi’s clutches. ragini glares at him.

Shomi : come and change your dress.

laksh nodded and they go in.

Shomi : what do you want to drink?
Laksh : hmmm….water is okay.
Shomi : okay. ragini gives him shekar’s dress.

ragini nodded and takes laksh upstairs. they goes to shekar’s room. ragini opens the cupboard while laksh looks around. ragini takes a shirt and throws it to laksh. laksh catches it and looks at her.

Laksh : no! no! it’s not good, ragini.
Ragini : it’s okay. go and change.
Laksh : bad girl!

ragini glares at him ad gets furious.

Ragini : bad boy!
Laksh : what did you say?
Ragini : bad boy!
Laksh : okay. did you know what bad boy do?

laksh walks to her. ragini gets scared and walks backwards. ragini gets trapped betweem wall and laksh. laksh comes to her. ragini gets scare and closes her eyes. she feels laksh’s warmth on her.

laksh smiles and goes from there. ragini looks at him and relaxed. laksh goes to change dress. ragini wait till laksh comes out. laksh comes out. ragini looks at him and giggles. the dress looks a bit big. laksh looks shy.

Laksh : stop giggling..shall we go?
Ragini : hmm. yes..

ragini nodded and goes downstair. shomi gives him the water. laksh drinks it.

Shomi : what’s the matter?
Laksh : want to choose engagement ring.

shomi nodded. she calls rithika. rithika comes and stands beside ragini.

Shomi : get ready and go with laksh to choose ring.

they both nodded and goes to get ready. shomi talks with laksh till they comes.

Ragini and laksh and rithika goes in car to the jewellery shop.

Jewellery Shop>

they comes to the entrance. laksh calls karan to comes. they waited. karan comes and they goes in to the jewellery shop. karan and rithika goes lonely to a side to choose ring. ragini and laksh on the other side. ragini chooses a ring for her.

they finished choosing rings and goes out.

Laksh : i’ve forgot my mobile.

laksh says and runs in. the others waited outside. laksh goes in takes a ring and purchases it. a fb is shown laksh admires on the ring. laksh puts that ring on his pocket and comes out.

Karan : shall we go?

laksh nodded and gets into the car. they drives from there. while driving, laksh sees ragini by the mirror and smiles. ragini looks away and when she sees him. laksh turned away ragini smiles.

Precap : the engagement decoration starts…

so, its the episode. did you like it???

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