Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 24)


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Hill Side>

karan drives the car to a hill side. he stops it and others looks confused.

Rithika : why we are here?

rithika asked and patted karan’s shoulder.

Karan : get out. i will tell.

karan says and get out of the car. the wind is blowing. rithika get out and comes to karan. ragini and laksh get out. ragini’s hairs a blowing in the air. she looks stunned. laksh sees her. ragini tucked her hair behind ears. laksh sees her mesmerized.

Karan : laksh, come.

laksh looks at karan and nodded. he and ragini goes to karan and rithika.

Karan : we have to plan a thing to stop this marriage.
Ragini : how?
Laksh : that is why karan said to think.

ragini glared at him and turned. laksh looks at her.

Laksh : OMG! i’m scared!

Ragini gets angry and comes to fight with laksh. karan and rithika stops them from fight.

Rithika : just think about this marriage.

they nodded and thinks about that. they stands opposite to each other. ragini gets a idea.

Ragini : i’ll have a idea.
Karan : what?
Ragini : just act like a drunkard then your father will stop it!

Karan feels it as a good idea. laksh looks unsatisfied.

Laksh : it’s a bull shit idea!
Ragini : stop it. then you say a idea. don’t you get any idea then what? do what i say. it will work out.

Laksh thinks about the idea.

Karan : laksh, don’t fight. i think it will work. let’s try.
Laksh : okay. try it. but, i won’t. okay?
Karan : okay.

Karan nodded. laksh looks around. ragini glares at him and looks. rithika looks a bit happy to think that marriage will stop.

Gadodia Mansion>

shomi and shekar thinks about the marriage.

Shekar : it right to accept that marriage to happen?
Shomi : i think okay. they are nice and good person. karan is good. they will be a perfect couple.

shekar thoughts to what to do.

Shekar : i’m also like the family. they are nice. okay.

Shomi smiles and thinks about ragini.

Shomi : i’m happy.

shekar hugs her and then goes. shomi sees him and smiles.

Maheshwari Mansion>

AP murmurs some mantra and does the arthi. DP comes and prays. AP gives the blessings to DP. DP takes it.

DP : what did you pray?
AP : i prayed to god that gadodia family have to accept the marriage ro happen.

DP smiles. AP looks at him and smiles.

AP : then, what did you pray?
DP : i’m also pray that what you pray for.
AP : oh…

DP blushed. AP smiles.

AP : my husband is blushing.
DP : go away.

AP smiles and goes from there. DP looks at her and smiles.


karan and laksh drops rithika and ragini at hospital because their scooter were there only. they get out and stand. karan drives it from there. rithika and ragini takes their scooter and goes from there.

Precap : NO PRECAP…

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Credit to: Athira

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