Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 22)


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Gododia Mansion>

rithika is in her room, crying. ragini comes there and sees her crying. ragini comes to her and sit beside her. rithika lays her head on shoulder. ragini lays her hand on her. she worries.

Ragini : what happened?
Rithika : ragini, i want say something to you.
Ragini : Tell me!

rithika takes her head back and sees her.

Rithika : i-i-i want him!
Ragini : who?
Rithika : karan!

ragini looks shocked.

Ragini : what are you saying? why did you didn’t say to dad?
Rithika : i was scared.

ragini didn’t know what to say. rithika looks at ragini.

Ragini : okay. i’ll talk to parents.

ragini says and gets a call. she goes to talk.

rithika cries. suddenly, she stopped crying and gets up. she wiped her tears. rithika thinks something.

Maheshwari Mansion>

laksh slapped karan tightly. karan stopped crying amd looks shocked.

Laksh : how dare you! if mom or dad comes to know about your matter, then…what will happen now?
Karan : sorry!
Laksh : why did you saying to me? one minute, you think about rithika? if her parents comes to know?
Karan : i know what will happen when they come to know. i’m also thinking to rid this matter.

laksh cool down himself. he sighed and sees karan.

Laksh : you have to say it to mom!
Karan : i’m scared!
Laksh : scared? then, how do you marry that girl?
Karan : don’t say girl. mom also say it and i cheated.
Laksh : okay. rithika.

karan looks better after speaking to laksh. laksh conceals him.

Gadodia Mansion>

rithika comes out. shomi sees her and comes to her.

Shomi : where are you going?
Rithika : i’m going to college.
Shomi : but, you said that college is leave.

Rithika thinks to what to say. she blabbers. shomi looks at her.

Rithika : it’s a special class for us only.
Shomi : okay. bye.
Rithika : bye.

rithika goes from there.

ragini comes to her room. she sees rithika nowhere. ragini searched for her in the house. shomi comes there.

Ragini : where is rithika, mom?
Shomi : she is gone to her college for some special class.

Ragini gets some questions in her mind.

Ragini : okay. thanks mom.

Ragini goes to her room and thoughts about rithika. she thinks about her. ragini dials rithika’s friend’s number.

friend : hello!
Ragini : hello! i’m rithika’s sister.
Friend : owh. ragini! tell me what.
Ragini : do you have any special classes.
Friend : no.
Ragini : okay. thanks.

Ragini hangs the phone and thinks. she calls rithika. rithika is in a hospital waiting for something. her phone rings and takes it.

Rithika : hello, ragini.
Ragini : where are you?
Rithika : i have extra classes so i’m in the college.
Ragini : don’t lie. i know i had asked your friend.

Rithika gets tense. she thinks to what to say. a ward boy comes there.

Boy : next patient who comes to abort baby, please comes.

Ragini hears it and gets shocked. rithika tries his best to stop ragini from hearing it. rithika cuts the phone and switched it off.

Ragini : hello! hello!

ragini dials it again but it cames switched off. ragini thinks to what to do.

Precap : ragini sees laksh and tells him about rithika.

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Credit to: Athira

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