Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 13)

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In Park>

Rithika is waiting in the park. she is walking restless. rithika checks her phone in every minute. rithika hears karan’s bike sound. she looks on.

karan comes there. rithika is in angry.

Rithika : don’t you come fast?
Karan : cool! cool! why so angry?
Rithika : yeah! i’m angry? i’m in tension.
Karan : why?

Rithika gets restless. karan looks on. rithika sighed deeply.

Rithika : i want to tell you something.
Karan : what? is your father choose someone for youu?

Karan laughed on her. rithika looka on. PATAAK. rithika slapped karan tightly. Karan looks stunned. rithika starts to cry.

Karan : OUCH! what happened? why you slapped me?
Rithika : why you acting? don’t you know or acting to be not know?

Karan looks on. he comes to her and cools her. rithika cannot be cool. she cries out of her heart. the people around them looks at them. karan looks uncomfortable and get her to other side.

rithika cries. karan cupped her face. rithika hugs him and looks at him.

Rithika : Because, I’m PREGNANT with your child!

Karan looks stunned. Rithika cries and looks at him. karan makes her sit on the bench and asked her again. she also tells that again. karan smiles.

Karan : OMG! i’m going to become father!
Rithika : but what about our friends?

Karan’s smiling face faded. he looks tensed. rithika asked him again by eyes.

Karan : i’ll talk to my parents as soon as possible.
Rithika : promise!
Karan : Promise.

Rithika smiles. karan smiles. they hugged each other.

Gadodia Mansion>

Rithika comes home. Ragini stops her. she looks at her face. rithika looks on.

Ragini : are you cried?
Rithika : no. why?
Ragini : nothing. you looks like cried.
Rithika : yeah. i’m cried. okay?
Ragini : okay. okay. you can go.

Ragini makes her go and looks at her crookedly.

Ragini(mind): i know. something is bothering you. i will know it for sure.

ragini goes from there.

In night, rithika thinks about her unborn child and karan. ragini comes to the door step with her pillow. ragini looks at her. she comes in. rithika sees her and changed her expression to cheer.

Rithika : hey. what are you doing here instead sleeping in your room.
Ragini : i didn’t get sleep in my room so i come here.
Rithika : owh. come and sit.

Ragini puts her pillow on the bed and sit beside rithika.

Ragini : why you don’t sleep till now.
Rithika : nothing. don’t know. sleep is not coming.
Ragini : okay. so how is karan?
Rithika : how do you know his name?
Ragini : i will know the full details of the person i met or know.
Rithika : okay. good night.

Rithika lay on her bed and closes her eyes. ragini looks at her and lay. she sleeps there. after ragini sleeps rithika gets up and thinks.

Maheshwari Mansion>

DP comes downstair and talks to DP. Shekar comes there with the money he wants to give to DP. DP and AP welcomes him and makes him sit.

DP : go and make some coffee for us.
AP : okay.

AP goes from there silently. Shekar looks at him. DP smiles.

DP : What’s the matter?
Shekar : i came here to give you the money.
DP : owh.

Shekar gaves the money. DP takes it and puts that on table. AP comes there and gives the coffee to them. shekar takes it warmly.

DP : AP, can you go and take some money for me.
AP : she goes.

DP smiles warmly at shekar. shekar smiles. he drinks the coffee.

Shekar : so i’m going.
DP : wait!

shekar looks on. AP goes to the loocker and takes some money. she comes and gives it to DP. DP gives tge money to shekar. shekar looks tense.

DP : here for you.
Shekar : why?
DP : i have faith on you. you can construct my building renew.
Shekar : but, how can i? i’m a loser.
DP : you have confidence. you can make your bussiness even very stronger and famous.
Shekar : okay. i’ll construct your building.

Shekar takes the money and goes from there.

Gadodia Mansion>

Shomi gets ready to go to temple. she comes downstair. shomi slipped by her sari tucked under her heel and falls down. she gets hurt in the leg. she screams. ragini comes there and helps shomi to get up. she makes shomi sit.

Ragini : Can’t you see? now you gets pain in your leg. is it paining?
Shomi : yeah. but it is okay. i have to go.

Ragini didn’t let her go.

Ragini : no. you are not going today.
Shomi : no. i want to go. it’s impirtant today.
Ragini : why?
Shomi : we have a puja today. so i want to go.
Ragini : but, how?

Shomi thinks and gets idea. ragini looks at her.

Shomi : one help.
Ragini : what i want to do?
Shomi : can you go and do the puja on my behalf. please.

Ragini didn’t agree. so shomi makes her emotionally by saying that she will go. ragini agreed by then. she goes upstair. shomi looks on.

Shomi : where are you going?
Ragini : to change dress.
Shomi : okay.

after a while, ragini comes downstair. she wears a red and white sari. she looks stunned and very traditional. Shomi smiles and praises ragini. ragini gets shy and goes from there to temple.

In Temple >

Ragini does the puja. after the puja ends the priest blesses her. ragini takes the blessings and goes. she takes rounds around the temple. when rounding she sees AP there. ragini remembers her as laksh’s mother. She goes to AP to give the purse.

She comes to AP. She takes blessings from AP. AP impressed by Ragini’s nature.

AP : who are you?

ragini thinks to say something.

Ragini : I’m your son’s lover.
AP : what?
Ragini : yes. i came here to give you your son’s purse.

AP takes it and checks.

AP : it means you are laksh’s lover.
Ragini : yes. i am.

AP looks at her and goes from there. Ragini smiles and thinks about laksh.

Gadodia Mansion >

Shekar comes home. Shomi comes to him.

Shomi : what happened?
Shekar : he gave me a contract to build a building.

Shomi smiles and thanks the god.

Shomi : i say that our happy life will be back. now it comes..
Shekar : yes. you said right. thanks the lord.
Shomi : yes. thank you god.

they smiles and side hugged.

Maheshwari Mansion&College>

AP calls laksh. laksh is in class and cuts the call. AP tries it again. the phone beeped and lecture hears it. he makes laksh gets out. laksh comes out and takes the call.

Laksh : hello! mom.
AP : hello. are you loving someone.?
Laksh : what?

AP says it again. Laksh hears it.

Laksh : no. why?
AP : tell me truth.
Laksh : i’m saying truth. trust me.
AP : promise.
Laksh : Promise.
AP : okay. then why the girls said like that?
Laksh : which girl?
AP : i saw a girl in temple today. she gave me your wallet and said like that.
Laksh : what? my wallet? my wallet is missing.
AP : oh.
Laksh : it’s meaning the girl had found the wallet from semewhere. mom do you know her name?
AP : no. but she is wearing a red and white sari. she looked traditional.
Laksh : Okay.

Laksh hangs the phone and looks tense.

Precap : Laksh sees ragini going in the scooter.

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