Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 12)

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Ragini turns. she is all shocked. the hand’s person is rithika. rithika looks on.

Ragini : Ri-ri-rithika?
Rithika :

Rithika puts her hand on Ragini. ragini sighed. rithika looks at her all confused.

Rithika : what happen? why you looking shocked?
Ragini : nothing.
Rithika : okay. why you here?
Ragini : you say first.

Rithika smiles and ragini smiles awkwardly. ragini looks at laksh. he is standing there.

Rithika : okay. i’ll say. i came her for a check up because i didn’t feel okay. now you say.
Ragini : hmm. i came here…

laksh sees ragini. ragini turns and looks away.

Ragini : to see you.
Rithika : who says that i’m here?

ragini blabbers. laksh walks to her.

Ragini : that… mom says that you are here.
Rithika : owh..
Ragini : okay..okay… let’s go home…start your bike.
Rithika : why you so hurry?
Ragini : it’s simple to ask question but struggle to answer. so please…

Ragini begs her to go. rithika goes to start her bike. ragini sighed. laksh comes to her.

Gadodia Mansion >

Shekar is reading newspaper. Raghav’s car comes. shekar hears it and looks. Raghav comes in with a suitcase. Shekar welcomed him. they sit in sofas. shekar calls shomi. shomi comes and welcomes.

Shomi : do you want coffee or tea?
Raghav : Tea.

Shomi goes to kitchen. Raghav looka at shekar.

Shekar : do you sell the jewels ready?
Raghav : No.
Shekar : then when will you sell it?
Raghav : i won’t sell it.
Shekar : What?
Raghav : cool. i’ll give you money as borrowing. you can give back to me when you want. till then the jewells are belonging to me. okay?

Shekar looks on. Raghav looks for his acceptness.

Shekar : okay. but i’ll give it to you definitely.

Raghav Agreed. shomi comes with tea mug and gives it to raghav. raghav takes it and drinks. shomi comes and sat beside shekar.

Raghav : okay. then here is your money.

Raghav puts the tea cup aside and puts the suitcase on the table. shomi looks on an looks at shekar. shekar looks at her. raghav opems it and shows the money.

Raghav : here you go with your 75 lakhs.
Shekar : thanks.

shekar takes the suitcase. they talked for a while and raghav goes to his car. and drives.

Hospital >

Laksh comes to her. ragini looks away.

Laksh : Pari
Ragini : yes. who is this?
Laksh : me. laksh.
Ragini : oh…laksh!

Laksh smiles. Ragini smiles.

Laksh : your purse had fell down wheb you go into hospital. so i looking for you to give it back.
Ragini : thanks.
Laksh : here you go..

Ragini takes her purse and laksh looks at her.

Laksh : who is that you are spealen with while ago?
Ragini : she is my sister.
Laksh : okay.

laksh gets a call and goes to talk. ragini runs away from there with the walking stick and glass. and rithika and Ragini drives from there.

Laksh comes and looks for ragini.

College Campus>

Karan is with his friends. they talked for a while. Karan gets a call from rithika. he takes it and his friends starts to kidding him. karan gets away from them

Karan comes to under a tree. he gets shadow and starts to speak. rithika tries to speak. but karan didnt let her

Rithika : STOP IT!

rithika screams. Karan look on. Rithika sighed.

Rithika : i want to talk to you.
Karan : okay. where we meet?
Rithika : come to our private place in the park.
Karan : okay! i’ll come.

they hangs their phone. karan looks confused. rithika looks worried.

Precap : Rithika and karan meets at the park. rithika slaps karan. karan looks shocked and rithika cries.

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