Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(INTRO)


hi guys…i’m new here…and i’m a silent reader also…. when i read your stories i liked it so much….but now i thought to write a story of raglak… because i like them very much on the very first time when i sees them…i hope you will like it… whoever are raglak fans, please read my ff. i have thinked the story for few months before…and now i’m going to write it. so raglak fans support me…i will introduce the jodis.

Ragini : a sweet bubbly girl. she likes to wear modern attire dresses. she also a cultured girl. she loves her family very much. she is studying teacher course.

Lakshya : he is 21st century boy. he loves culture. he is studying engineering. and he is staying in a hostel.

Karan : lakshya’s brother. he is a arts student. he is studying last year of his college.

Rithika : Ragini’s sister. she loves her sister so much. she is also studying arts in the same college where karan studying.

Sharmishta : ragini and rithika’s mother.

Shekar : ragini and rithika’s father.

AP : lakshya and Karan’s mother.

DP : lakshya and karan’s father.

so guys this is the cast i have choosed. i hope you will like it..


Two girl is shown. they are playing with kids.

The scene shifts to two boys who are driving their own motor bike.

again the two girl is shown in a park. they are walking and talking.

Girl 1 : look. how they are looking. cute couple, ragini.
ragini : don’t say like that. i think they will split up in a few minutes, rithika.
Rithika : why you saying like this? don’t you love someone?.
Ragini : ofcourse i do. when i’m in love , we will see.

they hear a slapping sound. they turned and look. they laughed seeing the couple splitting.

the scene shifts to the brothers.

Guy 1 : laksh, why don’t you love a girl?
Laksh : love is not coming by beauty but with heart. so i love when my heart falls, karan.
karan : okay, bro. i will follow your policy.

they high fived, lauging..


so guys did you like it?

Credit to: Athira

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  1. Its nice!! Plzz continue

  2. Snehahari

    nice promo

  3. Nice intro

  4. Firstly good luck with your first FF, I’m sure it’ll be great. Anyways loved the characterisation of RagLak and their thoughts about love. Can’t wait to read their meeting ??

  5. Nice start.

  6. Dafsi

    It was anice start all the best for your ff ๐Ÿ™‚ excited about the meeting ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Nice start dear and plzzzzzzzz continue

  8. Piya

    Nice intro

  9. Interesting…waiting for raglak meeting

  10. Superb dr… Plz do continue

  11. Sitaram

    nice plz continue i won’t say but you should write the ff

  12. tq guys…for your comments…

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