Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 9)

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Gadodia Mansion>

Shomi puts her jewells on shekar’s hand. shekar looks on.

Shekar : what is this?
Shomi : our wedding jewels.
Shekar : i knew it. but why you giving me this?
Shomi : to sell it and give the money to DP.
Shekar : no. i can’t sell it. it’s your mother gave it and it’s her memorable thing.
Shomi : i know. but it’s important.
Shekar : but..
Shomi : stop. go and sell it. when the problem is solved then buy me some jewels..okay?.

shekar thinks. shomi looks at him.

Shekar : okay.
Shomi : good husband.

shekar takes the jewels. shomi smiles and pinched shekar’s cheeks. shekar screams. they laughed.

In Hostel >

Laksh thinks about ragini. Romi comes inside. romi searched for something. he calls out for laksh. laksh didn’t realize. Romi comes to laksh and patted on him. laksh turned.

Romi : what happened, friend?
Laksh : woh …woh…

Romi looks on. laksh thinks to what to say.

Romi : what are you thinking about? is it a girl?
Laksh : how do you know?
Romi : arrey, i just say to kindle you. but you blabbered.
Laksh : owh. shit!
Romi : let’s say about your dream girl.
Laksh : don’t imagine. i’m just attractive to her only.
Romi : okay.

Laksh smiles. romi looks at him. he also smiles.

Laksh : she is so beautiful. but she cant’s see.
Romi : what do you mean?
Laksh : yes. she is a blind.
Romi : so sad.
Laksh : i’m also sad for her.

Gadodia Mansion>

In night. ragini is in her pyjamas. she is in her room. she is also thinking about laksh. but opposite to him.

Ragini : how fool he was. just a little lie. he trusted me.

Ragini laughed and and starts checking her whatsapp and wechat.

Ragini gets a call from her friend from an unknown number. ragini takes it.

Ragini : hello!

Ragini tucked her hair behind her ear and looks aside.

Shivani : i’m shivani speaking.
Ragini : haan, tell me. what’s the matter?
Shivani : hey, i’ve changed my number. add me on your wechat.
Ragini : okay.

Shivani hangs the phone. ragini text the number on her wechat. but she mistake a number. she didn’t realize. a contact number comes. she didn’t check it instead add it.

Ragini puts her phone down and sleep. she then sleeps in her room.

In Hostel >

A cool breeze hit the window door. it creaked open. laksh gets distracted by the sound from sleep. he gets up and comes to the window. the breeze hit him. he feels something. he sees the moon and feels it.

Gadodia Mansion >

Ragini didn’t get her sleep. she gets up and goes to drink water. after then she comes to the room. she sees the moon and smiles.

Rithika caughs. ragini goes to her bedside and pretends to be in sleep. rithika gets up and sees the window open. she goes and closed it. rithika gets call from karan and takes it.

Karan : good morning.
Rithika : what? it’s night. i need sleep.
Karan : okay, sorry. good night.
Rithika : hmm.

she hangs the phone and sleep. Ragini hears the conversation and get confused. Ragini think about it and sleep.

Precap : Ragini and Laksh meets again…

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