Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 8)


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Gadodia Mansion >

shekar tells Shomi about his lose in business. shekar cries. shomi conceals him.

Shekar : And now i have to give the money that DP gave. i don’t know what to do?
Shomi : don’t worry, shekar. we will find a solution.
Shekar : i’m also hoping for a solution.

Shomi worries for shekar. she makes him sit down in sofa. shekar looks sad.

scene shifts. Shomi is shown thinking to help her husband. she thinks many ways. but that all are illogical.

Shomi : what to do? god, please help us to solve the problem.

In Road >

ragini remembers laksh. laksh was about to take his leave from her.

Ragini : excuse me. i want…

Ragini thinks how to give the wallet. because, she pretends to be a blind. she have no idea.

Laksh : what? tell me…
Ragini : i-i-i mean, i want your help to cross the road.
Laksh : then why you cros the road.

Ragini gets tense. laksh looks on.

Laksh : why?
Ragini : woh…woh…woh.
Laksh : it’s okay. i’ll help you.
Ragini : thanks.

Ragini sighed. she looks straight to maintain. laksh puts his one hand on her shoulder and the other one on her hip. ragini looks uncomfortable.

Ragini : excuse me. can you take hand from my hip. it feels uncomfortable.
Laksh : okay.

laksh takes his hand from her and they cross the road.

Ragini : thanks.
Laksh : it’s okay. next time, won’t come out lonely. And by the way, what is your name?

ragini didn’t like to tell her name. she thinks a name to tell her.

Ragini : Pari.
Laksh : okay. my name is laksh.
Ragini : owh. okay. we’ll meet. bye.
Laksh : hmm… bye. take care..
Ragini : okay.

Laksh goes from there. ragini looks. her friends comes to her.

Shivani : hey…are you okay?.
Ragini : yeah…i’m okay. so prerna…
Prerna : okay. now onwards i’ll leave betting.
Ragini : that’s good.

her friends then asked about laksh. ragini told the drama held there. they then drives from there.

Maheshwari Mansion >

they all are sitting in the dining table. DP and AP starts to talk about their sons marriage.

AP : what about marriage, karan?

Karan caughs. they all look on at him. karan looks tense.

AP : drink water.

karan drinks water. his hands are shaking.

AP : why is your hands are shaking?
Karan : nothing.
DP : why? have you any lover?.
Karan : no, dad. why marriage so early?
AP : then when will you marry? old age?.
Karan : mom..

They laugh out loud.

AP : think and then tell. till then we’ll think about laksh’s marriage…

Karan sighed. they then have dinner.

Gadodia Mansion >

Next morning, shekar gets ready for his office. he looks sad only. shomi comes to him. shekar looks at her by the mirror. shekar turned around and lookrg at her. shomi looks at him, smiling.

Shekar : why are you looking at me like this?
Shomi : nothing. i’ll see my husband whenever i need to.
Shekar : then look.

shekar looks okay by talking with her. shomi looks at him.

To Be Continue….

Precap : Shomi gives her jewells to shekar. shekar looks on…

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Credit to: Athira

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