Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 7)


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Gadodia Mansion >

Shekar comes home. he didn’t speak to anyone instead he goes to his room. Shomi sees him going and follows him to room.

Shomi : Shekar!
Shekar : yes…
Shomi : why you are looking tense.
Shekar : what? i’m not in any tension.
Shomi : don’t pretend. i know you. i checking you for a long time. something disturbs your mind.

Shekar looks what to say. shekar tries to unreveal the problem. but shomi didn’t give up. shomi ask continuesly.

Shekar : okay! i’ll say.
Shomi : tell me.

In Road >

laksh and ragini fell down. they have a eyelock. laksh pushed down ragini aside. he gets up. ragini sit down in mud and looks at laksh. laksh turns aside and starts yelling at her.

Laksh : can’t you see the road. there are many vehicles there crossing. if anything would happen then what would your parents do. dont you think about your parents.
Ragini : what?
Laksh : what? what? girls like you always love a wrong person. if the man leave you then suicide.

laksh yells at her. ragini turn and looks at her friends. they looks at her. laksh turns and looks at her. ragini thinks about him. she forgets he is the one’s wallet she have.

Laksh : hello! i’m talking to you. why are you looking there?
Ragini (mind): if he comes to know that i’m in a bet. then he will dump my ears with his yelling.(Talking) sir, i’m a blind.
Laksh : what? owh! i’m so sorry if i had hurt you.
Ragini : it’s okay. thanks for help me from getting into a accident.

laksh looks so concern about her. he helped her to get up. ragini gets up. she look aside to pretend. her friends looks confused. laksh looks at her.

Laksh(mind): how beautiful she is. but god punished her for her previous birth’s deeds. so sad.

In College >

The classes ends. rithika comes out with her friends. karan comes to her. rithika’s friends goes from there.

Karan : i have two tickets. let’s go to housefull 3 movie.
Rithika : are you saying true? i’m also in a plan to go to the movi with you.
Karan : same taste.
Rithika : yes…
Karan : okay, let’s go.

karan starts his bike. rithika comes and sit. they drives from there

To Be Continue….

Precap : Shomi gives some jewells to Shekar.

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Credit to: Athira

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    1. karan and rithika are raglak’s elder siblings….

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