Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 6)


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Gadodia Mansion>

Ragini and rithika stands in shekar’s room. shekar realizes and turn. he looks at them.

Ragini : what happened?
Shekar : what?
Ragini : why are you looking tense?
Shekar : nothing.
Rithika : tell me, dad. don’t lie.
Shekar : i don’t need to lie.
Rithika : just say. i know you from my young age.
Shekar : okay, i’ll tell you. do you know yash from my office?
Rithika : yes.
Ragini : yes..
Shekar : he didn’t send a document to the contracter in time. so, that’s why i was upset.
Ragini : promise?
Shekar : i promise.

Ragini and Rithika smiles. shekar puts his coffee down and extends his hand. ragini and rithika hugs him. shekas looks happy.

Maheshwari Mansion >

Laksh finishes his meal. he comes and sits together with his family. they talked for a long time. laksh then get ready to go back to hostel.

Laksh : okay, guys. i’ll take my leave.
AP : okay, bye. take care of yourself.
DP : take care.
Karan : bye, my chote brother.

then, laksh goes from there. he starts his bike. the watchman comes to him. laksh sees him.

Watchman : sir, i have searched the whole place. but, didn’t found your wallet.
Laksh : it’s okay. and thanks.
Watchman : no mention, sir.

laksh smiles and patted on the watchman’s shoulder. he then thinks about his wallet and drives from there.

In Road >

Next day, ragini and her friends does shopping in mall. after finishing shopping they comes to take their scooties. prerna speaks about betting in her phone. ragini looks on. prerna hangs her phone and looks.

Ragini : always betting… what’s in the betting?
Prerna : thrilling!.
Ragini : what?
Prerna : thrilling…
Ragini : okay! but think before betting. you always risking others by saying betting. if anything happens to them?
Prerna : then, think to how to escape from that.
Ragini : hmpff.

Ragini hmpffed and sighed. she looks at prerna.

Ragini : stop doing this. it won’t help you in future.
Prerna : it’s not my business. it’s only for time pass.
Ragini : okay…let’s have a bet. i will cross this road now. if i succeed then you have to leave betting. if not i will give you money whenever you need. Okay?
Prerna : okay.
Shivani : no, ragini. don’t want to do this.

Ragini’s friends says to not to do this. but ragini didn’t listen to them. ragini was scared. ragini closed her eyes and starts to cross it. many vehicles crossing, she crossed it. ragini crossed the first road.

Ragini stands in the centre of the two roads. she turns and looks at them. they looks scared. they said to come back. ragini didn’t listen and starts to cross the road. when a car comes to hit her. she screamed and her friends also screamed.

In Office>

Shekar sitting down in his chair. he gets a call from KL contruction MD DPhe takes it.

Shekar : hello.
DP : hello. when are you going to give me the amount.
Shekar : we had a bankrupt. please give me some more time, sir.
DP : okay. i’ll give you one month.
Shekar : okay.

Shekar hangs the phone and thinks what to do. a officer comes in. shekar looks at him. he gives an document to shekar.

Shekar : Baavesh, how much money is in the account?
Baavesh : sir, only lakhs in the account.
Shekar : okay. you can go.
Baavesh : thank you, sir.

Baavesh goes from there. shekar looks tense.

In Road >

Ragini screams. the car horns and about to hit her. but in second, a hand comes to her. the hand grabs her fist and pulled aside.

Precap : ragini pretends to be a blind infront of laksh.

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Credit to: Athira

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