Aur Pyar Ho Gaya… (Episode 46)


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scene 1,
it’s next morning, all are in hall chit chatting with each other.. the calling bell rang and karan goes to look who’s it… he opened the door and saw a postman with a letter in hand..
Karen :yes?
postman :who’s karan here?
karan :yes, I’m..
postman :this letter is for you.. please sign here…
karan signed on the paper and take the letter.. he closed the door and opened the letter.. he out the letter from in and operated it… while others looked for answer..
karan suddenly got very much happy and jumps.. all are confused..
karan :(happily)I’ve got the job… next week, I’ve to go to London for it…
they all cheers for him and congrats him..
dp :(happily)congrats, karan…
AP :(hugs him)congrats, karan…it’s all rithika luck..
karan smiles happily and broke the hug.. Laksh came and hugged him.. Karen smiles and patted on his back..

while, kaavya looked unhappy and irritated.. she rolled her eyes and smirk..
kaavya :(thinking) overacting..
kaavya came to karan..
kaavya :(pretend smiles) congrats, Karen…
karan :(smiling) thank you, kaavya..
karan goes away… he came to rithika and hugs her.. she congrats him..
dp :so, what about celebrating it by sweets..
AP :(glaring) Hmmm, no we’ll celebrate it with food… no sweets..
dp looks sad while others laughs.. Ragini came forward to AP..
Ragini :(smiling) leave it, mom.. for one day, what will happen? so let’s make sweet..
AP :(convey with her)hmm, okay.. but put less sugar… as it will enough for him..
Ragini nods and walks to kitchen.. rithika follows her.. Ragini stopped her..
Ragini :(raising her eyebrow)where w you coming? ill make it, to go..
Ragini sends back rithika and walks…she got into kitchen and Prepare to make halwa.. while they are happy, Laksh escaped from hall to kitchen.. kaavya looked it and burnt in jealousy..

scene 3,
Ragini is turned away to the other side and preparing the items for halwa.. Laksh came to her silently and hugged her from behind.. Ragini war jerked and shocked.. she then saw laksh and broke the hug..
Ragini :(widened her eyes)what are you doing here? if anyone sees..
Laksh shuts her mouth up.
Laksh :(smiling)there’s no one to see us..
he came closer… Ragini looked smile and bites his palm..
Laksh :(in pain) OUCHH!
he takes off his hand and shake it in air.. he glared at her.. while Ragini laughs on him.
laksh :why you bite me?
he felt the pain…
Ragini :(laughing) just for fun..
Ragini smiles.. Laksh loved on..
laksh : hahan, come I’ll bite you..
laksh came closer to her… Ragini shaked herself and laughs..
ragini :(yelling) mom…
Laksh stop..
Laksh :(shocked)why?
Ragini :(laughing)to stop you.. now you must go or I’ll call out mom..
laksh :okay, I’ll go.
Laksh walks away from there.. Ragini smiles and starts to make halwa..

scene 3,
Ragini finished making halwa.. she puts it on a plate and goes out of kitchen…
kaavya see it and came in silently without anyone noticing her.. she take a bottle from the shelf.. it’s salt… she poured it on halwa and stires it well to conbine… she then walks out..
Ragini came to the hall …
Ragini :sweet is ready..
she already puts that all in 6 plate for each other and served it..
kaavya :(smirking)Ragini, did you know how to cook?
Ragini :(looking as she’s waiting for this question) oh, yeah.. I know..
kaavya :hmm, first time.. let’s see how’s it..
ap cutted her..
AP :shut up, kavya…
Ragini :(smiling)leave it, mom… taste it and say how’s it.
Ragini grabbed both her hands to gether and waited eagerly for their review… kaavya waited for others face expression first.. dp, ap, karan and all tasted it.. dp looked shocked with widen eyes… kaavya smirks in happy… then dp smiles at ragini..
dp :(pleasure of eating)hmmm,ragini…it’s supr… even it’s less sugar, it tastes good…
ap:(smile) tastes good… I’ve never eaten a halwa that tastes this much…
they all praised ragini… Ragini smiled proudly.. kaavya look shocked…
kaavya :(thinking)how’s this possible? I’ve combined it more salt, how will it tastes good?
kaavya thinks it to the core… Ragini saw her and smirk..
Ragini :(smiling) eat, kaavya…
kaavya :(nodding)hmm..
Ragini :(thinking)eat, eat.. you’ve a surprise on it..
Ragini smirks and smiled… kaavya smiled and puts a spoon of halwa in her mouth… she looked shocked.. she then choked… other looked on at her… kaavya drink the water..
kaavya :(yuck)it’s taste salty… yuck..
ap:(glare)what? it tastes good.. are your tongue got no taste? its good.. if you like it then eat, not then don’t falsely complaint..
kaavya looked shocked and angry.. she got up and walks away..
Ragini :(looking at ap)I’ll convince her..
Ragini walks follow kaavya..

scene 3,
kaavya was gone to her room.. Ragini came to her room and get in.. kaavya shoots a glare..
kaavya :get out from here..
Ragini :(smiling)okay, okay.. I’ll go but before that don’t you want to know how it all changed?
kaavya looked shocked and blasting in anger…
kaavya :what are you talking about?
kaavya fumble… Ragini walks around her…
Ragini :don’t shoot your glare at me as it won’t happen to me… now listen, do you think that you’re a clever?
kaavya looks at her..
Ragini :don’t think you’re… I saw you peeping out from kitchen and I was sure you done something.. so I checked the halwa and it tastes salty. so I made it again… and for all that, I punish by making you eat the halwa which you put salt on… my punishment worked and you eat then take scold by mom.
kaavya :(angrily)oho,so you’re thinking youre clever… I’ll make you punish for this all and snatch Laksh away from you… it’s my challenge..
kaavya showed her thumbs up.. Ragini looked at her..
Ragini :(glaring)so many dare, okay.. I’ll take this challenge.. I’ll say you can’t even snatch his hair on head..
Ragini challenge.. kaavya like bold.. they looked at each other.. the screen freezes…

PRECAP : not yet decide…

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