Aur Pyar Ho Gaya… (Episode 45)

hi guyss…Good evening.. thank you so much for the support and comments you gave on previous episode… thank you so much..

scene 1,
it was started from the wedding.. the priest starts to do the mantra and all..dp , ap , shekar and shomi were happy in looking at their daughter and son’s marriage.. while, kaavya is looking jealous.. raglak and Karen and rithika were happy and overwhelming..

laksh was lying on NDP’s lap..while dp looking broken… Karen came to do and said all of the matter and plans..dp looked at him..
dp: its not your all fault.. but its don’t worry, I’ll let you marry with the whom you want..
lakhs and karan looked at him and smiles..
laksh: tq , papa.
laksh got up and hugged dp.. karan also hugged him..while kaavya looked in disbelief..
on the next morning, dp called shekar and told the matters.. first, shekar was angry and shocked… but later after dp said to him to accept shekar accepted.. they all are happy…fb ends

the marriage happen..karan and laksh applied the sindoor on their beloved..ragini and rithika was overwhelming… rithika touche her belly and smiles at Karen…karan smiles and wipes her tears..
ragini looked at him.
ragini : our marriage is happening with family consent.. thanks to kaavya..
laksh laughs alit and looked at kaavya…who was burning in…ragini looked at her…the priest gave the wedding chain to laksh and karan… they tied it around ragini and rithika’s neck..

they all are happy.. after it, the wedding couple takes blessing from the elders… after doing it all, ragini came to kaavya..
ragini :(smiling) thank you, kaavya… because of you, I’m married laksh..
kaavya :(angry) I don’t want your thanks… you’re happy that you got laksh… but ill not leave you.. I’ll do anything to snatch laksh to me…

kaavya said it boldly… ragini still smiling…
ragini: let’s see that.
ragini goes to laksh… kaavya looked shocked about ragini’s behavior..
kaavya :(thinking) what the hell? she’s so cool?
he thinks… while ragini is with laksh talking to him and smiling…

scene 2,
it was night, the first night for raglak together after marriage… ragini was sitting on the bed…ghunghat on her head… laksh came there and looked around…he then closed the door.. ragini hears him and looked shy..laksh came to ragini…
laksh: (shivering in) raagini..
ragini: (jerked) hmm
she said and sat straight.. laksh sat beside her and looked at her…he then take off the ghughat from her face… ragini slowly looked at him ..she was in shy…laksh felt umcomfort and turned around.. ragini came beside him and sat..she was also feeling uncomfortable and looking at the other side…
laksh then puts his hand on ragini’s …ragini closed her eyes and shivers… just then, he came close, ragini stepped from there..she came to the window site and stand… Laksh looked at her…
ragini: how beautiful..

she looked at laksh… laksh knew it by looking at her face that she’s feeling uncomfortable like him…laksh came to her and stood beside her..
laksh: (smiling) yes,ragini..
he looked around.. ragini looked around..

scene 3,
on the other side, kaavya is throwing the dresses out of the cupboard and looked so angry and frustrated.. she was furious and threw the dresses..
kaavya: I can’t let them..
she shakes her head and threw.. she saw a photo of laksh into the cupboard and took it in her hand.. she was furious and crying..
kaavya : no, laksh.. I’ll save you.. I’ll save you from ragini’s clutches.. don’t worry..
she said while looking at the photo… she then put it on table and goes..
she came there with a bottle of kerosene and put it on the dresses.. she then takes a lighter and puts the fire on.. she starts to round the fire..
kaavya: I’ll save laksh… I’ll hurt ragini…laksh is for me… I’ll take him to me at anyway…I’ll do anything.. this is my kasam..
kaavya said looking at the fire that blowing like a roar..she was burning in like the fire… she then laughs and thinks about raglak…

scene 4,
laksh was in the room.. ragini came out of changing room after changing her dress to weight lighten saree..laksh looked at ragini..
laksh: you sleep here in this side.. I’ll sleep on other..
ragini: hmm, okay..
raglak nods to each other and lied on bed.. they then slept on the bed..the screen freezes..

Precap : ragini does a small cooking.. while kaavya came there when there is no one in kitchen ..

so guys, I hope you’ll like it…bye…merry Christmas..

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  1. Raglakholic

    It’s totally awesome update
    Loved it tp the core
    Raglak bond is awesome
    Laksh understands ragini so much
    Precap seems scary
    Please do continue soon
    Eagerly waiting to read more

  2. Superb part

  3. Fairy

    merry christmas dear 🙂
    superbbbb episode…loved raglak sooo much!!donno wt kavya wl do now????.
    post nxt part sooon..
    keeep rockng n stay blessed sweety 😉 😀

  4. nice amazing superb excellent mind blowing u write awesome plzzz give more raglak and be regular don’t take too long gap bcoz now days raglak ff is very less plZzzzzzzz do favor on raglak fan plzzz love all raglak ff and writing missing raglak so only ff and ss ts are for us

  5. Sreevijayan

    Awesome update dr

  6. Asra

    awesome akka….

  7. Interesting episode

  8. Ragz_teju

    awesome loved it

  9. A.xx

    nice and wonder how rags will deal with kavya xx

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