Aur Pyar Ho Gaya… (Episode 44)


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Scene 1,
they all looked at kaavya.. who was standing on the hall impatient ,waiting to say everything that she knows about the wedding.. Dp looked at kaavya..
Dp : what happened, beta?
kaavya :(crying)uncle, we’re cheated..
the whole family looked confused over her saying..
Dp :what are you saying? I don’t understand ..
kaavya : I’ll make you understand..uncle, laksh was cheating us.. he’s in love with Ragini.. the marriage of karan and Ragini never gonna happen.. its all a cheated by Laksh.. I saw laksh with Ragini in hospital on the baby checking session.. but I’m not sure that day.. now I confirming it..
they all looked shocked by kavya’s saying and thinks it… except karan who was panicked not shocked..
Dp :(angrily)ra**al, how dare he?
they heard the horn sound of laksh car.. they all waited for him.. kaavya smiles and smirks.. laksh got in and starred at them.. Dp came to him.. he starts to slap him… laksh didn’t stop Dp.. ap looks worried for laksh..
karan looked guilt and looked on. at last, karan looked at dp and came to him. he stopped dp.. they all looked on. Dp looked at karan..
Karan :(stumbled)dad… dad… I’m the one at wrong.. for me Laksh done it. rithika is the one I loved.. I tried to say it but always in vain…. the pregnant one is not Ragini but rithika……………
karan says it all at dp… Ap and kaavya looked shocked..
Kaavya :(thinking) what’s this new story?
she looked on. Dp broke down and sat on the sofa silently.. Ap goes to him… she consoles him. Karen came to him… and sat down.
Karan :(with tears)sorry dad… please considers us..
he cries… laksh came to him and hugs him…Dp thinks.. while kaavya desire to hear the news of her wish..

Scene 2,
it was next morning, ragini didn’t sleep peacefully because of the problem by kaavya… she looked lost all the while.. shekar was drank his coffee and reading newsletter newspaper. .
while the phone rang, Shekar looked at it…
Shekar : ragini, get the phone to me..
he said… ragini came into Herr sense, she goes to tht table and took it.. she gives it to Shekar..
Shekar looked on her face and thinks something is wrong in her.. he took the phone ..Ragini walks..
Shekar :(starting at phone) Dp!
he said.. Ragini turned to look.. she looked worried… while shekar attend the phone… ruthika saw Ragini and came to her… she puts hands on ragini. ragini looked at ruthika..
Ruthika :what happened?
Ragini silents..
Ragini :(whisper)it’s Dp…
she said… rithika understand some thing it’s problem by Ragini face and voice.. rithika nodded…

Scene 3,
it was after two day, ragini and rithika both are at the mandap, wearing bride dresses and smiles…they looked so happy.. kavya was standing aside, burning inside.. the both groom, laksh and karan came there.. they both sat down.. laksh beside Ragini while karan beside ruthika… they smiles at each other happily… the screen freeze on their face..

PRECAP : the wedding happens, it’s night and laksh and Ragini was happy..kaavya was burning something oin her room..

episode 43’s link..

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