Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 4)


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In road>

Ragini is shown riding her scooty. she is listening songs from her Iphone. she gets call from shekar. she picks it.

Ragini : Hi, dad.
Shekar : Ragini, i have finished transferring money to your account.
Ragini : okay, dad.
Shekar : keep it as secret. if your mother come to know then…
Ragini : dad! dad! i know. don’t worry. bye.
Shekar : okay, bye.

Ragini hangs the phone and drove. shekar thinks something. a worker knotted the door. shekar puts his phone in his pocket and allowed the worker to come in.

In Hostel >

Laksh is shown in the room studying. he gets call from AP.

AP : laksh, how are you?
Laksh : i’m fine, mom.
AP : are you in leave?
Laksh : yes, mom.
AP : why don’t think to see your mom.
Laksh : i’m always thinking about our family. and it’s only one day leave only. how can i come?
AP : i know. but, please come to hour for at least one hour. i want to see you.
Laksh : i know you, mom. but only two weeks. afterwards i’m always with you.
AP : please, come for my sake.
Laksh : okay, mom. i’m coming.
AP : okay.

AP hangs the phone and smiles. sho goes to kitchen and starts to prepare laksh’s favourite food, palak paneer. laksh get ready and goes outside. he starts his bike and drives.

In Road >

Ragini comes to the bank. she parked her scooty and goes inside. she again comes out and sees a old man selling tissue paper. she gets concern and comes to him.

Ragini : uncle, how much is the tissue?
Old man : Rs. 1.50 each.
Ragini : okay, give me a tissue.

Ragini gives the money to the old man and buys the tissue. Ragini then goes in. Laksh crosses the bank where ragini goes. he comes to the old man.

Laksh : how much?
Old man : Rs.1.50 each.
Laksh : okay. give the whole tissues.

Ragini comes out with the money. she sees laksh and the old man. laksh buys the whole tissues and gives money. the old man blesses him. laksh then goes from there with tissues. ragini mesmerized by laksh’s nature. she puts the money in her bag and starts her scooty.

Ragini sees a wallet in the road and follows laksh. laksh drives. ragini follows him.

In Garden>

Karan and Rithika is shown. they are sitting in a bench. karan toucher rithika’s hand. rithika shiver. she takes her hand back and stand up. karan look at her. rithika starts walking. karan follows her.

Karan : what happened?
Rithika : nothing.
Karan : i have seeing you for a long time. what is the problem.
Rithika : don’t act.
Karan : why would i want to act.
Rithika : why don’t you think about our relationship?
Karan : i cannot get it.
Rithika : we have to tell about our relationship to our parents.
Karan : why so quickly?
Rithika : what? hello. we don’t have enough time.
Karan : owh…yes. we only have one month to finish our college.
Rithika : so you forgot it , right?
Karan : i’m not saying like that. okay, i’ll talk to my parents, first. okay?
Rithika : okay…
Karan : smile please.

Rithika smiles and karan also smiles. they hugged each other.

In Road>

Ragini follows him. laksh goes from there. suddenly, a traffic constable stops her. ragini looks at laksh and then the traffic constable

Constable : have you have your license?
Ragini : ofcourse, sir.
Constable : show me.

Ragini shows it. constable sees it and ask question. ragini realized for what he desire. she takes out some money and gives it to the man. the man allows to go by taking bribbering.

Ragini then goes in searching for laksh. but he did not found. she takes out his wallet.

Ragini : where can i find you, man? erghh, god… please god please show him one more time. i’ll give this wallet to him.

she opened the wallet and sees laksh’s family photo. she smiled.

Ragini : owh…tradisional?….hmm…

ragini puts the wallet in her bag and drives from there.

Precap : Ragini walks in an road full of vehicles crossing. someone grabs her.

So, guys… i hope you will like it… bye…take care…see you tomorrow…

Credit to: Athira

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