Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 32)


i’m back….sorry for delay….i had some problem of swaragini’s track for few months so i cannot update….here is the previous episode link.

Maheshwari’s Mansion>

the episode begins with everyone looking at laksh. laksh looks at them all after lightning the hall. he looks panicked. rithika, karan and ragini looks on what to do amd shocked. laksh starts to sweat. he felt like want to collapse in order to protect himself from other’s question. DP comes infront.

DP : laksh, what are you doing?
Laksh : that….

laksh stumbles upon what to say. They all have a question mark on their face.

Laksh : dad, that…the light gone right? so, i came here to put the switch on.

laksh found a answer and said it loud. DP look changed.

DP : okay.

DP turned away and all. laksh takes a relieved sigh and closed his eyes for a while.

ragini comes to laksh from standing beside karan.

Ragini : superb.
Laksh : thanks. what do you want?

they talkes it and ragini smiles all the while.

Ragini : nothing.

she gives him a cute smiles and gave him a handkerchief. he looks at her.

Ragini : wipe your face.

she gave and he takes it. ragini walks away while laksh looks at her.

kavya comes there to laksh. she puts her hand on laksh. laksh looks at her and his smile faded.

Kavya : what did she gave?
Laksh : nothing. just a handkerchief.

kavya looks at the handkerchief and thinks. laksh escaped from her.

Kavya : why did ragini gave this to laksh?

she thought and AP calls her. she forget what she thought and walks away.

at night, the guests are gone. shekar and shomi talks with AP and DP. so, raglak and karan rithika were on the terrace.

Laksh : by god grace, i had escaped. if i would caught red handed…
Ragini : then you should be out of this house.

ragini said very relaxedly. laksh looks at her.

Laksh : i haven’t talked it to you.
Ragini : i said it as publicly.
Laksh : if its public then why you used the work ‘you’?
Ragini : this is my tongue and voice. i will speak what i want.

raglak were in the verge to get into a fight. rithika and karan stopped them with saying.

Rithika : stop, guys. please, think about us.
Ragini : now only our plan succeed..give us sometime to think the next plan.

ragini walks to rithika. rithika thinks about it and nodded. thus, granted her and laksh.

Gadodia Mansion>

rithika was sleeping peacefuly on her bed. ragini comes out of the bathroom after taking a good shower. she lopks at rthika and put a blanket on her. she takes out the comb and stand at the window looking at the moon. ragini combed her hair and while combing she looks at the ring. she thinks the parson.

Ragini : who should it be? whoever it is, but i want the person to be…

ragini hears a sound from the hall. she comes out of the room to hall. the hallway was very dark. she couldn’t see anything clearly. ragini walks slow and steady. she hears a knocked sound. she walks to the door. she was all sweating. she touches the door and opened it quickly.

Laksh :BHHHE!

laksh scared her. she falls down in afraid putting her hand on her mouth to preventing from shout. she looks scared and shock. laksh laughs at her.

Laksh : hey!

he whishpered and waved his hand to her face. ragini came to her sense and looks at him.

Ragini : what are you doing here?

ragini asked like in angry.

Laksh : cool down. i came here to give this gift to rithika on the behalf of karan.
Ragini : oh. give it to me i’ll give it to her.
Laksh : how can i believe you?
Ragini : what can i do for that?
Laksh : hmmmm.

laksh thinks and ragini sighed.

Laksh : you should do what i say.
Ragini : what? it won’t work.
Laksh : how can i believe then?

ragini closed her eyes and bent down at him.

ragini : i will give it to her. go from here. if anyone see us then what should they think?
Laksh : they will thinks as we are having an affair.
Ragini : what?

ragini take a step backward. laksh smiles.

Laksh : its just for fun. take it and give it to her.

laksh handed the gift to ragini. ragini takes it.

Ragini : okay. bye.
Laksh : bye.

ragini closed the door behind and walks to room. laksh stands outside.

Laksh : crazy.

he walks from there while singing a song. ragini thinks about him.

Ragini : him.

she whispers and smiles.

Precap : ragini gets a call from laksh.

i hope guys you will like this episode. comment me about the episode. and bye…

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