Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 30) (TPK, SHAKTI, SWASAN SPECIAL)


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Maheshwari Mansion>

laksh gets into his room and closes the door. he didn’t lock it. he goes near the cupboard and opens it. he chooses a dress and puts it on bed. he takes his towel and goes for a bath while humming a song.

Gadodia family comes to maheshwari family. AP and DP comes and greets them. ragini takes AP and DP’s blessings. rithika also comes and takes blessings.

Shomi : why are you taking blessing? did you going to be a bahu in this house?

rithika looks at shomi.

Rithika : that, i mean…
AP : leave it. just a blessings only.

Rithika and ragini sighed and relax. they looks at each other.

AP and DP goes in. gadodia also entered. karan comes there and takes blessings. from shomi and shekar. they blesses him. karan gets up and winks at rithika without any other knowledge. rithika blushed. they sit on the sofa and talked.

the waiter comes and gives juices to all. something got him slips and the juice pour on ragini’s dress. ragini gets up shocked.

they all looks shocked.

Waiter : sorry, ma’am.
Ragini : its okay.
AP : waiter, its a accident. you go. ragini, there is a room. you can go and change.
Ragini : thanks, aunty.

AP smiles and ragini goes upstairs. she sees there rooms and get confused. she comes down to ask but there is no one.

Ragini : okay, then.

Ragini goes near a room. she knot on the door. there is no response. she thinks there is no one. ragini gets in and closed the door. ragini sees there a wash room and goes in.

laksh comes out from bathroom. he sings songs and dances on the bed. ragini didn’t hear it. she washes the dress and comes out. laksh dances. ragini walks and sees him dancing.

Ragini : aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

ragini screams and shocked. laksh turned and sees her and screams. ragini stops and puts a hand on his mouth to shut.

Ragini : shhhh. don’t scream.

Ragini takes her hand back. laksh looks at her. ragini backwards and her dress get stuck under her foot. ragini slips. laksh tries to catch her but in vain. he also falls. they falls on bed. they have an eyelock. karan comes to them hearing the screaming sound.

Karan : laksh! what happened.
Laksh : nothing.
Karan : then, okay.

karan goes from there. laksh sees her. ragini smiles.

Ragini : can you get up?
Laksh : oh, sure.

Laksh gets up and helps her to get up. ragini stands and looks at him.

Laksh : what are you doing in my room
Ragini : sorry, i came here to wash my dress. but mistakenly i came into your room.
Laksh : okay.

Ragini nodded and goes to the door. ragini opened it and gets out. karan was in his room. he sees ragini get out from laksh’s room and confused. laksh takes a Pillow and hides his face on it and blushed. ragini stands aside and laughs to herself.

AP : ragini , karan. come down. thr guests are coming.

AP voiced. ragini hears it and comes down. The guests are coming. first, swara and sanskar comes hand to hand with each other.

Ragini : swara!

ragini smiles and hugs her. swara smiles hugs back and smiles.

Swara : i’m wishing you!

swara wishes her.

Sanskar : some people don’t want me..

sanskar looks around. swara beats him on his hand.

Sanskar : ouch!

sanskar says. ragini comes to him.

Ragini : sanky. meri pyari jiju.

Ragini hugs him aside. sanskar smiles.

Ragini : okay, go in. i want to talk to you.

they nodded and swara and sanskar goes in.

Next, thapki bihaan. they are reunite after dhruv filling bihaan’s ear. bihaan came to know dhruv and his evil plans.

AP : namaste.
Thapki : na-namaste, aunty.

Thapki takes blessing. bihaan stands there. thapki signals him to take blessings. they takes blesses from elders.

AP : she is thapki and bihaan. she is my friend’s daughter

AP introduces.

Shomi and others greets them. thapki and bihaan goes in. next, soumya and harmaan comes.

Harmaan : hello.
AP : namaste.

he greets them all. soumya looks shy and beautiful.

Harmaan : she is my wife.

harmaan introduces her. soumya wishes them and smiles. they greets back. they goes in soumya maontain a distance from harmaan.

AP : her mother said to her to stay away from him for 20.

shomi nodded and smiles seeing them. A girl comes there wearing modern dress.

they all looks on. the girl comes near and hugs AP. AP looks confused.

AP : you?
Girl : aunt, i’m kavya.
AP : kavya. you looks different.

kavya smiles. AP smiles.

Kavya : hello, aunty.
Shomi : hi, beta.
Kavya : so, where is laksh?

kavya looks in. laksh comes there and sees her

Kavya : LAKSH!!!

kavya runs towards him and smiles. laksh smiles.

Laksh : you came.
Kavya : yes.

they stands there. kavya hugs him. ragini comes there and sees laksh and kavya. she gets jealous.


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