Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 27)


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ragini walks hearing songs in her ipad. she jogs. ragini gets a message from laksh in whatsaap. ragini hears it..

Laksh(through phone): hey ragini, sorry for the fight that held yesterday.

ragini feels sorry for him. she messaged.

Ragini(voice message): its okay laksh. its not yours only, its mine also.

ragini messaged him and walks. time alarms in her watch and she runs.

laksh is driving the car and gets message from ragini. he hears it and smiles. he is going to DP’s office.

KL [email protected]

laksh sees the office and surprised. he has a file in his hand. he goes in. he sees more people in the office for interview. he sit down in the chair and looks at the people. he befriend’s with a man.

Laksh : hi, i’m laksh. laksh maheshwari.
Rahul : hi, i’m rahul thakur.
Laksh : nice to meet you.

they shakes their hand and smiles. the office boy starts to call the candidate names one by one. rahul looks afraid.

Laksh : hey…why you looking afraid?

laksh sees him and asked. rahul looks at him.

Rahul : i’m scared. it’s the first time and the boss is a temper person…

rahul talks about DP. laksh takes it easy. he didn’t say anything and smiles.

Laksh : okay. do you know who is DP?
Rahul : MD of this office.
Laksh : and my dad also. think before saying anything.

rahul looks shocked and thinks. rahul remembers what laksh introduces himself.

Rahul : its means you’re the heir. sorry, sir.
Laksh : wait. why you saying sir. be like friend. call me laksh.

Rahul nodded. the offices calls his name and he goes in.

DP is sitting in his chair. rahul looks more scared. he comes and gives the certificate files to DP. DP reads it and put it aside.

DP : why are you looking scared?

rahul looks on. after some time, laksh looks around. rahul comes out and he looks happy.

Laksh : what?
Rahul : i got work!.

laksh gives him a hug and smiles. he goes in. DP looks surprised to see laksh.

Laksh : good morning, sir.

DP greeted back and gets a message. he reads it.


DP gets impressed by his decision and smiles. laksh smiles and ask him some question. laksh answers and gets the job.

Gadodia [email protected]

Next day, ragini comes to sofa and sit. she watches tv with everyone. shomi gives a cup of vegetable juice to everyone. ragini thinks it as coffee and drinks it. ragini didnt like it and it feels like vomitting.

Ragini : yuck!
Shomi : drink it.

ragini do not want to drink. so she goes outside.

Shomi : i said to drink it!
Ragini : yes. i’m drinking.

ragini says. she looks back if anyone is coming and pours it over laksh. laksh looks at her. ragini looks shocked.

Precap : laksh and ragini , rithika is in an a jewellery shop.


Credit to: Athira

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