Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 25)


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Gadodia Mansion>

next morning, ragini and rithika comes out of their room. they looks so happy to think that marriage going to stop. they helped their to do the chaos.

Shomi : what’s so special?
Rithika : nothing.

ragini nodded to rithika’s word. shekar asked by his eyes to rithika and ragini. they said nothing to him.

Shomi : its helpfull because today maheshwari’s are coming to our house.

rithika smirks. ragini smiles and nodded. they does the chaos.

maheshwari car comes there to their entrance. they comes to entrance. gadodia’s are welcomes them in. they smiles and comes inside.

they sit in the sofas with shagun plates. ragini and rithika looks confused. karan looks sad. laksh looks pity.

DP : we are so happy that you are accept our proposal to marriage.
Shekar : we are also very happy.

they smiles.

DP : so we came here for put shagun to ragini.
Shekar : oh okay.

AP gets up with shagun in her hand. they smiles. AP comes to ragini and rithika. ragini gets worried as she was going to put shagun on her. she takes the gungghat. AP puts the gungghat on ragini’s head. ragini cannot speak instead she closed her eyes.

rithika looks sad and angry. ragini gets out her tears. AP sees it amd wiped it.

AP : why?
Shomi : that’s nothing as she is about to go to her sasural house.

AP and DP smiles and blesses ragini. AP makes karan sit and makes him samtand beside ragini. karan stands between ragini and rithika. they take blessings while rithika cries. they didn’t see her.

after having chit chat with each other, maheshwari goes from there. rithika silently goes to her room.

In room, rithika stands by the window. the winds is blowing heavily. ragini comes to rithika. rithika hugs ragini and cries a little bit. ragini conceals her by saying some childhood memories of theirs. rithika looks okay.

rithika gets a message:


rithika fells that she don’t want to meet them. ragini takes her forcibly.

In The Park>

karan and laksh were waiting there in the bench. ragini and rithika comes there. karan comes to rithika. rithika comes to him fast and slapped him tightly.

karan looks shocked. ragini and laksh also looks shocked. rithika starts to beat him in anger. laksh and ragini takes them away.

Karan : please listen to me.
Ragini : please let’s listen.

rithika nodded and takes them to the near bench. they sit around and karan starts to say it.

Karan : i were walked into the house as a drunkard….


laksh and other family members were in the house talking about the marriage. Laksh sends a message to karan.

karan was standing in the gateway. he gets the message and opens it:


karan had a bottle of rum. he opens it and sprinkles it on his shirt. now he fully smells and looks like drunkard man. karan walks inside while blabbers. DP and AP looks shocked. karan starts to blabber and yell at them.

DP gets angry and goes in. karan looks on and winked at laksh asking him. laksh says don’t know. karan blabbers.

DP comes to him. karan looks at him half conscious.

Karan : what?

DP takes out his gun and point it at karan. karan looks shocked and blabbers. DP pulls the the trigger a bit. Karan faints in shock amd laksh takes him in his hand.

DP : don’t do this else i will kill you.


Rithika looks shocked and comes to karan.

Rithika : sorry, karan.

Rithika hugs him and conceals with him. ragini looks at them. laksh signals to comes away. ragini looks confusef and goes to him

Precap : Raglak Nok Jhok.

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Credit to: Athira

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