Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 23)


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In Road>

Ragini was in her scooty going to a hospital that she knows. ragini gets worried for her sister.

laksh driving. they collided into each other bike. ragini didn’t see him

Ragini : you stupid!

Ragini sees him and relieved. laksh knows her tension by looking into her face.

Laksh : hey! hi!
Ragini : hi! but i’m not in mood to speak.
Laksh : why? what happened?
Ragini : rithika is missing. but i know that she is in some hospital. but why?

she said. laksh gets shocked.

Laksh : what? hospital?
Ragini : why you looking shocked.

laksh didn’t talk instead he calls karan. karan takes it.

Karan : hello!
Laksh : its not time to say hello. rithika is in some hospital to abort baby.

ragini gets shocked and calls laksh. laksh speaks on phone.

Karan : what? i will search for her. please search her.
Laksh : okay.

laksh puts the phone in pocket and looks at ragini.

Ragini : what did you say?
Laksh : don’t you know that rithika is pregnant.
Ragini : she didn’t tell me.
Laksh : owh. okay. let’s search her.

ragini nodded and asked for his number. laksh gives it to her. they drives opposite direction.

Hospital :

Rithika waited there and looking so tense. rithika remembers their sweet memoirs.

rithika’s name announced. she wiped her tears and goes to the door. she puts her hand on the door knob. someone grabs her wrist from back. rithika gets shock and turned around. the hand is rithika’s friend named, neelam. She is classmate of rithika when they were studied school.

neelam smiles and hugged rithika. rithika hugs her back.

Neelam : How are you?
Rithika : I’m fine. you?
Neelam : i’m good. why you here.
Rithika : i came here for…

rithika thinks before saying anything.

Ragini : she came here for take some nutrition diet from doctor!

Rithika hears her and turned to see her. neelam hugs her. ragini smiles and behind her karan and laksh comes. rithika looka tensed.

Neelam : its mean you are married?
Rithika : woh…woh…yes.

Ragini sighed. neelam’s husband calls her and she goes after bids adieu to them. Ragini comes rithika. rithika looks down.

Ragini : how dare you! you think its a easy to abort a child. what the child do to you. its sin to abort a child. its your fault not that child’s.
Rithika : i cannot expect this child. if anyone come to know about it then…
Ragini : its you think before done anything.

Rithika looks at her. karan comes to her. ragini goes behind and rithika looks at him.

Karan : didn’t you think about me and our child?
Rithika : how can i? you are going to marry my sister.
Karan : i’m not going to marry your sister. i want you only.

laksh hears it and laughed. ragini didn’t understand why he laughing.

Ragini : what happening?
Laksh : nothing. my brother said that he never marry you. that’s why i’m thinking that you are ugly or not.

Ragini gets angry and glared at him.

Laksh : don’t look at me like that. ots looking funny.

Ragini glared at him.

Ragini : excuse me. if he had said that okay to marry me, i won’t aprove because, he is my sister’s lover and would be husband.
Laksh : i know it but i’m thinking that because if he never loves rithika then he says this.

ragini gets more angry and stamped laksh foot with het high heels.

Laksh : ouch!

ragini smirked. laksh sees her smirking and gets angry. laksh stamped her foot.

Ragini : ouch!

ragini again does the same and laksh also. they does it again and again and again. they didn’t stop even it pains. they continuously stamped each other foot.

rithika and karan hugs each other after confronting. they sees raglak stamping their foots and smiles. raglak sees them and stopped.

Ragini : he is a stupid!
Laksh : what? i’m stupid? then, you are monkey.

ragini gets angry and stamped again. laksh stamped her foot again. the peoples around them stop doing their own work and looks at raglak fight. rithika and karan stops them and goes from there.

they gets into the car and drives from there.

Precap : raglak and rithika, karan are on the hill side road. and standing opposite to each other.

i hope you guys will like it…keep supporting me and my ff.. bye… take care…

Credit to: Athira

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  1. Ruhani

    Superb dr.. Raglak fights were too funny n cute

  2. Varsha

    Di, I m happy dat RagLak n SwaSan r acptd n sad fr dp n ap. Hope u pst d nxt awsm epi soon, pls dnt separate d pairs

  3. nice raglak fight is so cute awesome next part soon

  4. Megha123

    Awsm part loved raglak’s fight too much
    They were really hilarious .

  5. Raglak scenes was superb

  6. love ur ff
    but who rkaran and ritika which actor imean

    1. i didn’t choose any actors to that character and thank you so much

  7. Superbbb☺☺☺

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