Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 21)


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Maheshwari Mansion>

maheshwari family came home after having dinner in gadodia mansion. they sit on the sofa and takes rest. they talked. AP goes to get some milk to the family. she goes to kitchen. karan sees her.

Karan : it’s the right time to say about our relationship.

Karan murmurs. he gets up and goes to kitchen. karan stand beside AP. AP sees him.

AP : what is the matter?
Karan : mom, that. that.
AP : i know.
Karan : mom?

karan looks confused.

AP : you love that girl, right?
Karan : yes, but how do you knew it?
AP : i saw you saw that girl.

Karan blushed. AP giggles.

AP : my son is blushing. okay, don’t. i’m already talked with your dad about it in the car. we would be going to their house tomorrow.
Karan : thanks, mom.

karan hugs her. AP hugs back. they broke hug.

AP : okay, serve this milk to all. go.
Karan : okay.

karan takes it and goes to give it. he serves to them.

Gadodia Mansion>

Ragini comes to her room wearing white colour pajamas. she comes to the mirror while humming music. she dried her hair with hair dryer and combed it. ragini then clipped it.

ragini looked her beauty through mirror and smiled.

Ragini : you are looking beautiful.

ragini murmurs. she switch off the light and comes to the bed. ragini lays on the bed and covers her with blanket. she sleeps well.

Gadodia Mansion >

Karan and laksh lay on the bed. they talked for a while.

Laksh : what did you tell to mom?
Karan : about marriage.
Laksh : so its means you are in love. who is the lucky girl?

laksh asked desiringly. karan laughed.

Karan : Rithika. Ragini’s elder sister.
Laksh : ragini’s elder sister? i didn’t saw her there.

laksh asked confusingly.

Karan : she is not well so she sleeps.
Laksh : owh. so when you meet her first?

karan smiles and racalls the moments.

Laksh : did you forgot?
Karan : how can i forget it. its my life’s best moment.
Laksh : tell me.
Karan : one day i was in bus stop because my bike got repair that day. its a miracle, i don’t know. but its a wish to me.


karan was in the bus stop for bus. rithika came there with books. she is also waiting there. karan sees her when her shawl flies to his face. he likes her. rithika turned and saw him.

Rithika : oops! sorry.

Rithika takes back her shawl. the bus comes and they get into that. karam knows that she is also his college when they both entered the same college. its then they became friends and at last as lovers.


karan blushed and laksh giggles.

Karan : why are you giggling?
Laksh : your story was just like a film story that’s why the laugh comes. and i can’t control it.

Karan gets angry and takes his pillow. he hits him with that. laksh also hits with pillow. they played and slept.

Gadodia Mansion>

gadodia family are all awaken in the morning. ragini goes to the entrance and sketch a beautiful drawing of lotus flower and colours it with rice flour. when she colouring, some foots comes near her. she looks up and sees the maheshwari family.

Ragini welcomed them and calls shekar and shomi. they comes and welcomed them. they comes in. and ragini colours it and finished it.

they all sit. shekar and shomi looks at each other with a question expresion in their face.

DP : i will tell you why we came here.

shekar smiles and looks at them.

DP : we came here to ask your daughter’s hand in marriage.

Shekar and shomi looks on and ragini gets up confusingly. rithika comes there and stands. karan looks happy. rithika sees him and asked him by her face expression. karan winks his eye and smiles. rithika also smiles.

Ragini comes in and sees laksh. laksh sees her and winks. ragini looks shocked and sees at her mom and parents. laksh smiles and turned.

DP : i mean, your daughter means, ragini!

ragini looks shocked. karan, rithika, laksh are looks confused and tense.

AP : i will say it directly. we would like to marry off your daughter to my son…

they all looks shocked.


karan looks shocked. followed by laksh and rithika, ragini. while, AP and DP smiles.

shekar looks on what to say.

Shekar : excuse me, but we want to discuss about it.

shekar says. AP and DP aprove it.

DP : okay. you are girl’s side so you take time. we will wait.

DP says and smiles. shekar smiles.

DP : then we will going. you think and tell.
Shekar : okay. thanks.

the maheshwari family goes from there. Rithika looks upset and goes to her room. ragini noticed it and about to go.

Shekar : ragini, do you want this wedding to happen?
Ragini : its your wish, dad.

Ragini goes from there to her room.

Maheshwari Mansion>

karan looks upset and goes to his room. laksh followed him. laksh closes the door behind him and comes to karan. karan burst out in tears. laksh conceals him.

Karan : i cannot marry ragini off. it cannot be happen. rithika is my soulmate and she is caring my baby.

laksh looks shocked to hear it. karan cries and murmurs.

Laksh : what did you say?
Karan : i’m saying true. rithika is caring my baby. i cannot leave her.

laksh is shocked to hear it. karan burst out all the matter to laksh.

Precap : Rithika goes to abort the baby. but someone grabs her from going to the room…

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Credit to: Athira

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