Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 20)


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Shivani’s house>

Ragini gets up. she looks around. shivani comes with lemon juice. ragini looks at her.

Ragini : aww..head aching…
Shivani : i know…drink it….

Shivani sit in the bed. she gives the juice to ragini. ragini takes it and drinks. it’s very salty though she drinks it. she gives the glass to shivani. shivani puts it aside.

Shivani : you get drunk yesterrday!
Ragini : what? how?

Ragini tucked her hair behind ear and come close to shivani. shivani told what she knows.

Ragini : OMG!

ragini tries to recall the moments she spends in the venue. ragini recalls laksh giving the drink to her.

Ragini : how dare he…

shivani looks confused. ragini angered.

Shivani : what?
Ragini : laksh! he gave me the drink.
Shivani : okay. i have a doubt!
Ragini : what?
Shivani : yesterday, he is the one who called me to pick you up. and he said that he forgave me. not you. if you got trapped to him… then…
Ragini : stop! what i did. i just acted as blind to save me from his scold. that’s it.

Shivani giggles and goes. ragini thinks about him.

Ragini : buffalo! who is he to forgive me? i don’t want his forgive because i’m not going to see him now onwards.

Ragini sighed and get up. she sees her gown and thinks to change it. shivani comes again with a dress. she gives it to her. ragini thanked her. she goes to freshen up.

Gadodia Mansion>

Shomi and the maids prepares variety dishes. shekar gets ready. today, the maheshwari family coming for dinner to their house. Rithika also gets ready and calm his dad and mom to be cool.

Shekar : they are coming!

A car comes and the maheshwari family comes into the house(not laksh). shekar welcomed them. rithika comes to them and sees karan. she gets shocked and karan also. she comes to AP and DP. she takes their blessings.

they get impressed by her actions. they discussed something. shomi comes to them and greeted them.

Shekar : rithika, can you please show them our house.
Rithika : okey, dad.
DP : it’s okay.

DP smiles and sit in the sofa. shekar smiles. they all talked for a while. rithika goes in. karan also gets up. AP sees him.

AP : where you going?
Karan : to see the house.
AP : okay.

Karan goes. rithika stands in couch. karan comes to her. rithika sees him

Rithika : it’s means, the contract that gave to my dad is your dad?
Karan : yes.
Rithika : did you tell about our matter?
Karan : i tried but…
Rithika : but what?

Karan recalls the moments and told the truth.

Rithika : it’s okay. but, say it faster.
Karan : okay!

Rithika hugs him passionately. karan hugs her back.

Rithika : don’t leave me.
Karan : i won’t. ever.

Ragini comes in her scooter. she parked it and comes in while spinning her scooter key. she sees maheshwari family and stops midway. ragini smiles confusedly. they sees her.

AP : she is the girl?
Shomi : it’s my youngest daughter. name, ragini.

ragini greeted them. she takes DP’s blessings. then she goes to AP and takes her blessings. ragini was scared If AP tells the truth. but the situation changed to opposite. AP blesses her. Ragini smiles. AP also smiles.

Karan comes there. Rithika also comes there.

Ragini : sister!

ragini comes to rithika and stand beside her. they looks at them. karan sit beside AP and looks at rithika. AP sees that.

they talked. after a while, ragini goes inside in her room and rithika also goes. Ragini changed her dress into a anarkali dress that colours red. she looks beautiful. rithika sit in the bed.

Ragini : are you feeling not well?
Rithika : yes. feeling tired. i want sleep.
Ragini : okay. you sleep.

Rithika nodded and lay on the bed. ragini covers her with blanket and goes.

the family sit on the table to have dinner. ragini comes there. shomi serves food to them.

Ragini : mom, sit. i will serve.
Shomi : it’s okay.
Ragini : mom!
Shomi : okay.

Shomi smiles and sit. ragini serves to all the family. AP and DP gets impressed by her nature.

AP : nice girl.

AP thinks. Ragini stands at there. shekar sees her.

Shekar : come and sit and have dinner with us.
Ragini : it’s okay, dad. i’ll eat later.
Shomi : where is rithika?
Ragini : she is not feeling well so she is sleeping.

shomi smiles and nodded. another car sound comes. they hear it. gadodia family looks outside. there is a car.

DP : i think my youngest son is here. ragini, if you don’t mine, can you take him here.
Ragini : okay, uncle.

ragini goes to check the man. the car door opened. ragini stands in the door entrance. laksh facing his back. ragini looks desiring. laksh turns. ragini’s smile faded into shock. laksh comes to her and smirks.

Laksh : hi! what a coincidence, my blind girl!

Ragini is in state of shock. she didn’t speak anything.

Laksh : where is mom and dad?

again, ragini cannit speak. she is in short of words. she has many thoughts in her mind at same time.

Laksh : i’ll check on myself.

Laksh goes in. ragini turns suddenly and walks behind him. laksh hears the talking sound. he walks to the side. he sees them and comes to him. they all greeted him. laksh smiles and does namaskar.

DP : it’s my youngest son and he is lakshya.
Shekar : nice to meet you.

laksh smiles. ragini comes there.

Shekar : it’s my daughter, ragini.

shekar introduces ragini to laksh.

Laksh : hi! nice to meet you!

laksh gives his hand for shake. ragini sees him and his hand. and then the families. she gives her hand and they shakes their hand. ragini smiles and laksh also.

ragini then goes to her room. While she goes, laksh talks to the family.

Laksh : can i see the house?
Shekar : can. ragini..

ragini stops and and sees them.

Shekar : take him with you and show him the house.

Ragini comes to him awakwardly.

Ragini : come with me.

ragini takes him and they leave from there. they go upstairs. ragini showed him some photo and rooms and etc. laksh starts his talk.

Laksh : liar!

ragini hears it and gets angry. she turned and confront him.

Ragini : how dare you?
Laksh : of course you are a liar and cheater.
Ragini : then who you are?
Laksh : excuse me..
Ragini : you got me drunk yesterday.

Laksh looks at her. ragini went out her anger.

Laksh : i helped you yesterday but you blamin me?
Ragini : help? you? i can’t believe it. you got me drunk and helped me.

laksh gets angry and yells at her.

Laksh : what did you say that day? you are a blind and also your name is what? pari!
Ragini : no one will tell her name to any stranger.
Laksh : okay. then you will act as a blind to anyone?
Ragini : it’s for escaping myself from your scolding
Laksh : hahaha…great escape and good acting. you should get oscar award.
Ragini : hahaha…funny. stop your bakwaas. i won’t ever show you my house anymore. bye.

ragini turned and goes from there. laksh looks at her going.

Laksh : super structure.

ragini gets angry and shock to hear it. she turned and comes to him.

Ragini : stupid!

Ragini yells at him. laksh giggles. ragini looks disbelief and goes away from there with herself. laksh looks at her.

Laksh : crazy girl!

laksh goes from there. ragini comes there again and sees for him. she seed him going and glares at him. laksh thoughts that someone is looking at him. he turns and looks around. ragini hides behind the pillar. laksh noticed her dress and sees it.

Precap : karan comes to AP to talk about rithika.

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Credit to: Athira

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