Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 2)


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In College>

a dark class room is shown. a girl with her hands tied is shouting for help. the door creaked open. and some girls comes in. the tied girl starts to laugh. her face is shown. it’s ragini.

Ragini : sorry, guys.
Prerna : what is this, ragini? we have’nt enough time to rehearse our drama.
Ragini : Prerna, sorry. i just cannot control my laugh. you guys are looking funny.
Preethi : okay. stop kidding us. and start drama from beginning.

prerna then tied ragini. they all goes out again. ragini then shouts. her friends comes in again. they start to scaring ragini. they acted well.

after the acts, they goes to the canteen. the server comes to them. her friends starts to kidding the servent boy. the boy looks sad. ragini concerns on him.

Ragini : stop your nonsense guys.

her friends then shuts themselves. the servent boy goes without taking order from them. ragini stops them mid.

Ragini : why are you looking sad? arrey, why your eyes watery?
Servent : nothing, sis.
Ragini : tell me. keep me as your sister and tell me.
Servent : okay, sister. i will tell you.
Ragini : okay.
servant : i have a mother and sister. sister and i are working. but half of the money goes for mother’s treatment. now, the doctor says that mother have to undergo a surgery. and the surgery is so costly. i was trying my best to get cash but can’t.

ragini was melted by his word. she thinks to help him. so she calls shekar. shekar gets the phone.

Shekar : hello.
Ragini : dad, i want money immediately.
Shekar : why?
Ragini : dad, don’t ask. you teach me to help poors. now, i want to help a man.
Shekar : okay, how much you want?
Ragini : wait, i’ll ask him.

Ragini turned to look at the servant. servant says don’t want. her friends were looking at them.

Ragini : how much you want for the surgery?
Servant : don’t want, sis. i’ll take care.
Ragini : don’t say that. you won’t take it as help. think as a loan. when you have the enough money then give it. okay?
Servant : okay, sis. thank you for the help. i won’t forget it. the amount is Rs.80,000

the servant thanks her and cries. her friends sees the servant boy cry and concern him.

Shekar : Ragini! ragini!
Ragini : hah, papa. the amount is 80,000. drop it on my account.
Shekar : okay. bye.
Ragini : bye, dad.

ragini hangs the phone and smiled. she puts the phone on her pocket and walked from there.

College Hostel >

A man is shown sitting in a bench. around him some mans were walking. the man is taking advice from someone. in a distance, another man is looking at them and laughs.

Man : hahah…he started again. LUCKY!!!

the man comes to the man. they high fived each other.

Man : started your advice?
Lucky : ofcourse. it’s my responsibility to help them when they need me, Romi.
Romi : hey, shiv. are you asking him to help in your love?
Shiv : yesss…
Romi : hmmm-hmm. then your love will be in limelight.
Shiv : what?
Lucky : don’t cofuse him. see, love is pure. don’t lie to your girl. when you are in needy can lie. and last if your love is true then no one can separate you from your love lady.
Romi : if the love is not true?
Lucky : no one can unite you to your love.
Romi : then you are saying that my love is a lie?
Lucky : what are…
Shiv : stop guys. my girl is calling me. so i’ll take my leave.
Lucky : okay, bye. all the best.
Romi : bye.

Shiv goes from there. Romi about to start his talk. Lucky distract him by taking him to room

In room, Romi sees a girls photo in his mobild. Lucky sees a glimpse. he tries to see the photo. Romi tries to hide it. Lucky succeeds in seeing the photo.

Lucky : who? your girlfriend?
Romi : yes.
Lucky : then, Shrishti?
Romi : you got her separated from me.
Lucky : what? me? separated you from Shrishti?
Romi : don’t act innocent.
Lucky : okay. did you tell her about Shrishti?
Romi : no.
Lucky : go and tell her. if not then your life will be miserable.
Romi : you said the same dialogue when i’m in love with Shrishti.

Lucky laughed awkward. Romi looks on.

Romi : you will advice so easily. you will know the hard when you are in love.
Lucky : then we will see.
Romi : what do you mean?
Lucky : i’ll not lie to her. i will always trust her and support my future wife.
Romi : okay! okay.
Lucky : hmmm…

Precap : Raglak first meeting. Rithika and karan in college campus.

So guys… i hope you will like it… keep supporting me. we are RAGLAK fans. thank you… bye…take care…

Credit to: Athira

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