Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 19)


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Party Avenue >

Romi and laksh are standing in the mid in the hall.

Laksh : let’s search. you go that side.

romi nodded and goes to search ragini. Ragini walks in the drunken state. she blabbers something. laksh searched her. ragini sees him and gets into the crowd. laksh sees her going and follows her.

Ragini danced there. Prerna feels suffocated by the crowd. she gets asthma attack. shivani gets panicked. their friends takes care of her aside. she still feels suffocating.

Shivani : i’ll take her to doctor so can you please inform it to ragini?
Friend 1 : okay.

shivani takes prerna and goes from there. their friends starts to dance again.

Ragini danced drunkedly. she cannot be steady. she blabbers. laksh sees her and comes to her. ragini’s dress tucked under her sandal. she is about to fall down but laksh grabs her by the right time. ragini looks at him.

laksh pulled ragini into him. she looks at him. laksh sees her eyes only. they fallen into each other thoughts. laksh puts his hand on her mask. ragini closes her eyes. he is about to unveil the mask but the light go off. laksh looks on. ragini looks around while putting her hand around laksh.

a voice comes to them. they all looks on. suddenly a little light lits in the corner where the DJ are. there is a girl standing. her name is shrishti. she is a second year student of engineering college(means laksh’s college).

Shrishti : hi everybody! i’m shrishti. i’m thanking you for coming to the party. but the party goes what the other party goes. don’t you want guys some change?

the boys and girls nodded. ragini screams while held her hand higher. laksh keeps her in control.

Shrishti : okay! guys. i came here with an idea. i would like to tell you about a dance game. it’s a game about true soulmates. this dance is something special because the dancing couple have to wear a mask. after the dance the couples can unveil their mask and see each other. if your love us true then you will get your partner whom you loving.

the people likes the idea very much so they accept it. shrishti giggles.

Shrishti : okay. i will give you five minutes. there is the two rooms. there is full of mask in the room. you guys go and wear it.

The crowd goes separate way to wear the mask. ragini also goes. laksh let go of her unsatisfied. shrishti sees him.

Shrishti : senior!

Laksh looks at her.

Shrishti : go and wear a mask. go!

laksh nodded and goes to wear a mask. after five minutes, they all comes out and stands. Shrishti sees them. they looks at each other and smiles.

Shrishti : okay. if anyone’s mask get unveil before the song end will be eliminated. 1…2…3… here you go!

Shrishti puts a disco song. the people gets partners. ragini looks confused and walks backwards. she is biting her lips. laksh opposite to her walks. he is biting his nails. they get bumped into each other.

Ragini : hey, let’s dance. C’mon.

ragini forces him. laksh tries to control her. laksh nodded to her by seeing her stubbornes. the aound ans light goes of. the lights again comes to the couples only. around them. raglak are standing in the centre. they looks into each other eyes..

…jeene laga hoon plays….laksh shows his hand. ragini sees it and puts her hand on his hand. laksh pushed her closer to him. ragini feels the warmth of laksh. laksh sees her in the eyes. he cannot take if it. he then lifts ragini and spins her. he puts her down. laksh tilted her down and makes her stand. ragini and laksh daces together very romantically.

the other dancers stopped their dance and looks at ragini and laksh. laksh makes ragini spins around him. he puts his hand on ragini’s hip. she shivers. laksh lifts her up. ragini looks up whiles laksh spins. the others looks so stunned by their dance. the song comes to an end. laksh lifts her down slowly and steadily. ragini looks at him. laksh makes her stand.

they all clapped their hands loud. raglak didn’t hear neither clap sound or enjoying sound. they lost into each other thoughts. laksh takes her mask and sees her face fully. laksh looks stunned and recalls their previous meeting. he takes aback and stands. ragini looks at him confusedly.

Romi comes to him and claps. laksh glared at him.

Laksh : she is the one!
Romi : who?
Laksh : the girls who acted as a blind

romi recalls laksh’s talks and sees ragini

Romi : so what are you going to do?
laksh :i don’t know. let’s think.

After thinking, they comes to a decision to leave her there. they goes from there. ragini looks on and blabbers. laksh was talking to someone but his look distract by ragni as he worries for her.

KL Office :

DP is in his cabin checking some work that are pending. office boy knocked the door. DP allows him to come. he comes in and greets him

Office Boy : Sir, someone came here to meet you.
DP : who?
Office boy : his name is Shekar Gadodia.

DP smiles and orders him to get him here. the boy goes out. he sees shekar sitting in the sofa.

Office Boy : Sir, you can go in.
Shekar : thank you.

Shekar gets up and walks. the boy bends his face down and goes from there. shekar knocked the door. DP looks on. shekar comes in and sit.

DP : nice to meet you!
Shekar : hmm…me too…sir, i came here to invite you to a dinner with family…if you don’t mine…
DP : nothing like that. i will definitely comes with my family.

Shekar smiles and goes. DP does his work.

Parth Avenue>

laksh walks from there to out. he wants to breath new air and also to hear a silent sound. he sees a man forces a girl. laksh comes to him. laksh sees at the girl. it’s ragini. laksh saves her from the man.

Man : are you hitting me? i will not let you. one day you will be dead!

the man says and runs from there. laksh looks on.

Laksh : let’s see.

laksh takes ragini to a bench and makes her sit. laksh did not know what to do so he goes to a tab. he takes water by his water bottle. laksh pours the water on ragini. ragini shivers. laksh looks concern to her and takes his coat. he makes her wear that.

Ragini sits there and comes to conscious a little bit. laksh takes ragini’s phone dials rithika’s number. because ragini saved rithika’s number as DI. the number get busy. laksh searched for another person in the contacts. He calls shivani.

shivani listens laksh’s convo and in shock.

Shivani : i will come there.

laksh caresses for her till shivani comes. she comes there after 15 min. she sees the caller is laksh. shivani’s eyes widened. shivani comes to them.

Laksh : here is your friend.
Shivani : haan…

shivani takes ragini with her. she makes ragini sit in the car. shivani comes to him and thanked him.

Laksh : it’s a help. i know you and your friends. but i forgive you.
Shivani : thanks.

shivani goes to the car and drives it from there. after an half and hour, shivani and ragini comes to shivani’s room. shivani takes ragini to the bathroom and gives a freshen up bath. ragini looks a bit in her conscious.

ragini gets tired and sleepy. she goes to bed and sleeps. shivani calls shomi and tells that ragini is in her house and she will comes in the evening. shomi nodded.

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Credit to: Athira

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