Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 18)


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Party Avenue >

Ragini walks inside of the venue. the girl and boys looks at her and discussing about her.

ragini smiles and sees them. the others cannot see her as she wears a mask. laksh looks at her mesmerized. romi looks at laksh.

Laksh : who is she?
Romi : my grandma!

laksh confused.

Laksh : what did you say?
Romi : then, why would you ask me like i know her.
Laksh : just go. or i will yell at you bad words.
Romi : okay. cool!

Laksh looks on. Romi goes from there.

Prerna and shivani looks on. Ragini comes to them and pulled them aside.

Shivani : who are you?
Ragini : me…ragini.
Prerna : ragini?
Ragini : yeah. me. How is my look?
Prerna : superb.
Shivani : it’s changed your look. no one will doubt on you.
Ragini : thank you.

ragini laughed. they high fived each other.

Ragini : okay. let’s go.

they goes to the party. ragini didn’t dance as she don’t like. she looks at the people dancing.

Maheshwari Mansion >

AP and the maids are working and decorating the house. AP is in a happy mode. DP comes there.

DP : nice.
AP : thank you.

AP shies. DP looks at her.

DP : you also.

AP smiles and goes away. DP goes to the car and drives to his office.

AP comes to the kitchen. she looks at the dishes and taste it as know it nice.

AP : good. keep it up.
Maid : thank you, ma’am.

the maid prepares the food. AP helps her and thus ending the works.

Party Avenue >

some man is shown aside. a waiter walks by them. they pulled him their side and tells him something. the waiter accept it and goes.

the party is full of sound. ragini goes to take a glass of juice. Laksh sees her and follows her. Ragini dress tucked in a nail in the wall. laksh comes to her takes back her dress and sees her. ragini gets hiccups by seeing him.

laksh looks on to what to do. there is a waiter walks by the side with juices in his hands. laksh takes a glass. the waiter tries to take it back

Waiter : give me that sir. i will give some other. please!
Laksh : no. i can’t. see her. she is hiccup. i have to give it to her.

Waiter tries but laksh didn’t give it. the waiter let go of it. the waiter goes. laksh gives the juice to ragini. ragini drinks it and feels something inside her.

Ragini : thanks.
Laksh : no mention.

Ragini smiles. laksh sees her. ragini feels like getting drunk. romi calls laksh.

Laksh : i’m coming!

laksh turned and sees ragini gone. laksh looks on and goes to romi.

the Mans are shown enjoying. the waiter comes there. he puts the glasses down. a man counts the glases

Man : 1…2…3…4 and fiv…where is one more glass?
Waiter : A man takes it.
Man : why you gave it!
Waiter : he takes it forcibly.
Man : who?

waiter searched for laksh. he sees him aside with romi. the waiter points at laksh.

Waiter : there he is!

a man calls the waiter goes. the mans looks at laksh and romi. they thinks that the man the waiter shows is none other than is….Romi.

They drinks the alcohol mixed juice and goes in search of romi.

Ragini gets more drunken. she walks unsteasily. prerna and shivani didn’t notice her.

Ragini cannot walk so she sit at a side. she makes her hair fall from ponytail. ragini thinks something and smiles.

Laksh sees her and comes to her. Ragini looks at him and laughed. laksh looks confused and checks him to know is there any dirty.

Ragini : are you twins?

Ragini asked. laksh looks around and sees her.

Laksh : are you asking me?
Ragini : then, who? you are the one, mental.

Laksh yells at her. ragini looks on at him. suddenly, she starts to cry. laksh conceals her.

Laksh : cool down. i’m mental.
Ragini : no. you mixed something in my drink.
Laksh : what? it’s just a juice.

Laksh looks confused. romi is dancing with the girls and boys. the mans comes to him. they patted on Romi’s shoulder. romi turns and looks at him.

Romi : what do you want?
Man1 : i want you.
Romi : i’m not a girl.
Man2 : funny. will you come for a while. please.
Romi : no.
Man1 : please.

romi tries to go. the mans grabs him and pulled him aside.

Romi : why you kidnapping me?
Man1 : are you drunk?
Romi : what? no.
Man1 : how can i believe you?
Romi : see. i’m steady.

The mans are looks at each other. Romi looks at him.

Man : then , who the hell get drunk.

the mans goes from there. romi sighed and goes from there. he looks a bit scare.

Laksh walks away from ragini. ragini is sitting there. laksh sees romi. he comes to romi and puts his hand on romi. romi scream. laksh looks on.

Laksh : why? what happened?
Romi : you! thank god.

laksh confused. romi told him what happened while ago. laksh realized the juice that he gave ragini is mixed with alcohol.

Laksh : oh shit!
Romi : what?
Laksh : i gave the alcohol to the girl who wears the mask.
Romi : OMG!

Laksh gets worried and looks at ragini. ragini laughed like mentally sick.

he sees romi and points at ragini. when he sees ragini dissappeared from there. They looks worried.

Precap : Raglak Dance Together. Very Romantically.

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