Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 17)


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Gododia Mansion>

It’s morning. and it’s their last day in college. ragini is wearing the same dress that laksh chose. ragini comes infront of mirror and sees herself.

Ragini : how i’m looking?
Shomi : you’re looking gorgeous.

Ragini turns and looks at shomi. she looks shy at shomi. shomi comes to her and compliments her. Ragini looks shy and goes from there.

Farewell Party Venue>

Prerna and all ragini’s friends are there. they dance together. prerna and shivani gets tired and thirst. they goes to drink water.

prerna and shivani comes to drink water.

Prerna : two orange juice.

they said to the waiter. the waiter puts a glass and pour orange juice. prerna and shivani takes the glasses and drinks it and talked.

laksh comes there and ordered a juice. he is in distance from them. prena sees him and shocked. she turns away.

Shivani : why you turned away?
Prerna : turn and look back.

shivani turns and sees laksh. laksh is turns and about to look at shivani. shivani turns away. she gets worry.

Shivani : what should we do?
Prerna : i don’t know.

shivani turns a bit and looks. laksh is walking by their side.

Shivani : he is coming to us.
Prerna : what? let’s go from here.

shivani nods and they go from there. laksh comes to a man and talks.

the both girls comes to a side and sees him.

Shivani : what did he do here?
Prerna : he is not our college so he is the other college student.
Shivani : yes. OMG.
Prerna : what?
Shivani : ragini! she is coming here only.
Prerna : yes. we should call her.

shivani and prerna calls ragini with their own mobiles. they didn’t get line. they looks at each other.

Shivani : you call her.
Prerna : okay.

Prerna calls ragini. ragini stops her scooty and takes the call.

Ragini : hello.
Prerna : where are you?
Ragini : i’m on the way.

ragini looks on.

Prerna : don’t come.
Ragini : why?
Prerna : laksh!
Ragini : who?

ragini looks confused. prerna blabbers.

Prerna : the day you said to him that you are blind.
Ragini : okay. what about him.
Prerna : he is here.
Ragini : what do you mean?
Prerna : he is the other college student.

ragini looks shocked.

Ragini : OMG. what should i do now?

Prerna thinks to what to say.

Prerna : don’t come.
Ragini : no. i’ll come.
Prerna : okay. i will think what to do.

Prerna thinks. ragini also thinks. ragini sees a mask shop. she gets an idea.

Ragini : hang the phone. i have a idea.
Prerna : he-he-hello.

prerna takes her phone away. shivani looks on. ragini goes to the shop after parking her scooty.

Shivani and prerna danced together.

laksh talks with romi. laksh suddenly talks about the girl that comes in his dream.

Laksh : i had saw a girl in my dream. she wears the same dress i had seen in the shopping mall.
Romi : hmmm.
Laksh : but i cannot see her face.

Laksh looks sad. Romi sees him and looks away. he sees a girl with mask in her face and she is wearing the same dress. romi looks unbelievable.

Romi : like that girl?

laksh looks on. he turns and looks at the girl. he looks stunned by her beauty. ragini looks so stunned and smiles.

Prerna and shivani also looks on at ragini.

Precap : Laksh and ragini dance together. they looks romantic.

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Credit to: Athira

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