Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 16)


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Laksh was sleeping in his bed in night. he gets a dream of a girl comes to him. the girl’s face is blur. laksh starts to blabber in sleep.

Laksh : show me your face!

laksh moves in the bed. beside him romi is sleeping. laksh kicked romi down from bed and sleeps. romi gets up shocked. he wakes up laksh. laksh gets up. saying the same line.

romi puts a towel in his face. laksh opens his eyes and sees romi covering his face.

Laksh : why you covering your face with a towel?
Romi : hmm. you said show my face to you.
Laksh : when i said?
Romi : just now. and kicked me down.

laksh puts his hand on his moith and looked shocked.

Lsksh : sorry. i didn’t know.
Romi : yeah. how do you know?

laksh laughed awkwardly. romi sees him angrily. laksh fell on bed and sleep. romi gets up and lays on bed, this time maintaining distance.

Gadodia Mansion >

ragini gets up early. she didn’t sleep. because she thinked about her college life. ragini freshen up. shomi wakes up following. ragini comes to the hall with wearing a skirt and t-shirt.

shomi looks all shocked to know that ragini gets up early. always ragini gets up lately. but today she wakes up first. ragini comes to shomi.

Shomi : ragini, can you help me.
Ragini : tell me, mom.
Shomi : go and see outside to know if there any tsunami coming.

ragini patted shomi. shomi laughed.

Ragini : i go and does puja.
Shomi : okay. i’ll prepare breakfast for you.

ragini smiles and goes. shomi goes to kitchen.

ragini does puja with singing bhajan. rithika and shekar wakes up by ragini singing voice. they comes outside and looks on. ragini comes with arthi and does it to whole house.

College >

Laksh comes to college. there were crowd around the college hall. he goes to the hall. the principle gives some motivation speech and bids adieu.

some girls are cried there with the speech. laksh looks on.

after the speech, peinciple walks from there. the crowd starts to dissappeare from hall. laksh goes to meet the principle.

laksh meets the principle.

Principle : arreyy. laksh?
Laksh : yeah. i am.
Principle : what’s the matter.
Laksh : good speech, sir.
Principle : thanks.
Laksh : bless me, sir.

principle smiles and blesses him. laksh smiles and goes from there.

Maheshwari Mansion >

karan comes to the kitchen. AP doing some work there. karan coughs. AP looks at him.

AP : what happened? drink water.

AP looks concern. karan looks at him scaredly. AP cares for him.

AP : what?
Karan : that, ma.

Karan tries his best to say about rithika. AP looks on.

Karan : ma-ma, nothing i forgot what to say.
AP : okay. say it when you remember.
Karan : hmm.

Karan goes from there. AP looks at him and does her work.

Karan comes to his room. he went out his anger by kiccking the things.

Karan : oh, man. what did you do? tell to mom.

Karan sits in his bed and thinks how to say it.

Precap : Ragini’s friends sees laksh and shocked. ragini comes in to the party by wearing a mask for her eyes only.

so guys i hope you will like it. keep supporting me… bye…take care…

Credit to: Athira

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