Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 15)

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Laksh comes to his room. he thinks about ragini and how she cheated him. he takes his diary and starts to writing about her. his anger went out. he looks outside by the window.

Romi comes there. He hugged laksh and is very happy. Laksh smiles.

Laksh : what’s the matter for your happiness.
Romi : on farewell day, we are going to merge with another college.
Laksh : how?
Romi : the college also has farewell on the same day so our college chairman and the other were decided to merge.
Laksh : cool!
Romi : yes. i’m so happy that i’m going to see the girls.
Laksh : why? don’t you ever seen a girl?
Romi : i had seen. but, the girls are new.
Laksh : hayy!

Romi smiles and laksh also smiles.

Gadodia Mansion>

Ragini comes home. she goes straight to her room after give the puja thaal to shomi. ragini changed her dress and lays on her bed.

ragini gets a call from prerna. she takes it.

Prerna : Raginiii!

Prerna screamed. ragini pulls her phone from ears. after the scream ragini puts phone.

Ragini : why are you screaming?
Prerna : I’m so happy.
Ragini : why?
Prerna : our chairman said that they will merge our college with another college.
Ragini : that’s sound good.
Prerna : yeah. i’m going to see some other boys.
Ragini : hey. can’t you talk about other topics? always boys?
Prerna : what can i do? just a side seeing.
Ragini : hmmm-hmmm. you girl….
Prerna : stop your advice and come to the shopping mall.
Ragini : why?
Prerna : we have to buy some new clothes for farewell.
Ragini : oh, yeah. i forgot.
Prerna : okay. come fast.
Ragini : okay.

Ragini gets up and changed her dress as formal code. she wears a cooling glass and comes out. she told to shomi and goes.

Shopping Mall>

ragini comes there and waited. prerna also comes and they goes for a shopping. they choose some dresses.

Laksh and romi also is there for buy coat suit. they shopped well. laksh sees a purple and black gown. it’s looks like conderella’s wearing clothes. he liked it. romi notices him.

Romi : why are you seeing the gown like this?
Laksh : it’s so nice.
Romi : do you want to wear it?

Laksh beats him on the shoulder. romi laughhed.

Laksh : i’m sure that i will buy it for my wife when i married.
Romi : okay. let’s see that when you are married. let’s go.

romi pushed laksh with him and they goes. Ragini and prerna comes there. they take variety of dresses. at last, prerna selected a dress. she goes to the trial room. prerna liked it so she takes it. ragini still searching for a dress. she suddenly sees a dress. she loved it and goes to take it.

Gadodia Mansion>

rithika does some work about her project. she feels nausea. she cannot concentrate. she feels like vomiting. rithika runs tot he washroom. after that she comes out. she worrried if any one comes to know about her truth. she calls karan. karan takes it. she tolds about it.

Karan : don’t worry. i’ll be there for you.

rithika hangs the phone. she still worried. she puts her hand on her womb and feels the baby.

Shopping mall>

ragini and prerna comes out after buying the dresses. they compliment each other dress and laughed. laksh and romi comes there. romi sees prerna. but laksh didn’t see ragini. they crossed each other.

Romi : what a girl!

laksh looks on she turned around sees the girls. but did not know that she is ragini.

Laksh : then your lover?
Romi : she is no more as a lover.
laksh : then?
Romi : as a friend.

laksh smiles. they laughed and goes from there.

Precap : ragini wears a mask and comes to the party. the girls and boys looks on.

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