Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 14)

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Ragini is in the temple. she is sitting in the stairs and looking all around the temple.

Ragini : it’s okay. this place is so comfortable. the sounds are good. i like it.

ragini sighed and looks at the people around her.


after the classes ends, laksh comes out with his books. his friend, romi comes there and patted on his shoulder. laksh turned and smiles.

Romi : 2 days only for our farewell party. and then we will be part away. i’m going to miss you.
Laksh : hey, we are in same city. then why we want to worry?
Romi : yes..

laksh smiles at him. laksh then told that he wants to go to home and take his wallet. romi bids adieu to laksh and goes. laksh also goes from there.


ragini comes out to take her scooty. she then drives it. laksh also driving. he caught suddenly si he stops his bike at a shop. he buys a water bottle and comes out.

Ragini crosses by then. laksh sees her and looked shocked. he realized that he was cheated by her. laksh gets angry and follows her behind. he also realized that the sari she wears were the same colour as AP said. he gets even more angry so he followed her full focusly.

ragini goes away and laksh followed her. ragini stops her scooty aside and goes to recharge her phone. after that she comes. laksh gets her glimpse and takes a photo of her. ragini then goes. laksh followed her. he gets a call and stops mid. he speaks to the person in the phone. ragini goes away.

after speaked laksh looked for her. but ragini goes dissappeard. he then drives to maheshwari mansion.

Maheshwari Mansion>

Laksh comes home. AP waiting for him in the dining table. laksh comes to her. AP smiles. laksh smiles.

AP : only 2 days then you will be back home.
Laksh : yess, mom.
AP : hmm.

AP goes to her roon and takes the wallet. she comes to laksh and gives it to him. laksh takes it and takes out his phone. he shows the pic of ragini to AP. AP sees her and confirmed.

AP : how you get her photo so immediately?
Laksh : i know her before. i had seen her in shopping mall.
AP : okay.

Laksh checks the time. he then buds adieu and goes to hostel.

College Campus>

Rithika comes in search of karan. at last, she sees karan playing. she gets angry. karan sees her and comes to her. Rithika comes to him.

Rithika : are you trying to fool me?
Karan : what? why would i want to cheat you?
Rithika : then what i should ask? you are doing such things to get doubt on you.
Karan : chillax!
Rithika : please! know the situation. it’s very important to tell our parents. if you ever cheat on me. then i will dead.
Karan : don’t say like that. i won’t ever leave you. i love you.

Rithika melted by his words and hugged him. she cries. karan hugged her back.

Precap : NO PRECAP..

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