Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 11)

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Bus Stop>

Ragini turns and looks at him. laksh while thinking. when laksh sees her, ragini sees aside.

Laksh : if you don’t mension then i’ll drop you.
Ragini : no thanks.
Laksh : don’t scare. i will not kidnap you.
Ragini : it’s okay. i’ll wait.
Laksh : okay. i’m wait until you take leave.
Ragini(in mind): i thought he is not going till i’m going.

Ragini waited. she waited for a long time. laksh also using his phone and waited there. a man’s phone rings. ha takes it and listens. ragini and laksh hears him.

Man : what? bus strike? oh, man what i’m going to do? i have interview.

ragini hears it and worried. laksh looks on.

Laksh : see..what are going to do?
Ragini : oh no,
Laksh : come on. i’ll drop you.

Ragini thinks. she thought to go. she comes like blind and sit in his bike.

Laksh : where are you going?
Ragini(in mind): if i say college then he will ask question. think other place.
Laksh : hello!
Ragini : hah..hah.. to hospital.
Laksh : why?
Ragini : to check my eyes to know is there any chance to get my eyeside.
Laksh : owh..i’ll pray for you.

Ragini sighed. laksh drives from there. they reached the hospital. ragini starts to walk. laksh calls her. ragini stops. he comes.

Laksh : how can you walk in a crowded place ?
Ragini : i’ll manage.

laksh stops her and searched something. laksh sees a shop that selling blind’s things. laksh goes and buy a black spectacle and a walking stick. he gaves that to ragini. ragini looks at that and worried for her fate.

Ragini goes from there. while going her purse falls on the ground from pocket. laksh goes and takes it. when he sees ragini dissappeared into the crowd.

Gadodia Mansion >

Shekar comes home and sees shomi comes. shekar looks at her.

Shomi : what happened? do you sell the jewells?
Shekar : yes. i had sell it.

Shomi smiled and hugs him. shekar hugs her back.

Shomi : now, our problem is going to end and our happy days are coming back to us.

Shekar smiles and hugs her. after a while he broke the hug.

Shekar : where is rithika and ragini?
Shomi : ragini goes to college and rithika goes to hospital.
Shekar : why? what happened to rithika?
Shomi : she feels sick from morning so i send her to hospital.
Shekar : okay.

Shomi nodded and goes. shekar looks at her and goes to room for change dress.

In Hospital>

Ragini walks inside. laksh searches for her in the crowd. ragini sees rithika there and hides.

Ragini : oh shit! what is happening? why are doing this to me?

Ragini looks on. laksh is standing there searching. ragini looks at him and gets shocked.

Ragini : oh god, are you punishing me. help me.

Rithika and laksh crossed and goes. ragini gets into the crowd and walks outside. laksh comes outside and stand. ragini standa there and sees laksh is standing. she goes aside and waited for a taxi. someone comes behind and puts hand on ragini. ragini looks so shocked.

Raghav’s house >

Raghav comes and puts the jewells on the drawer. he thinks about shekar and sat. his wife, Roopa comes there with a cup of tea. she gives the tea to raghav thanks her. she looks at his face and asked the problem. Raghav says the whole matter. Roopa worried for shekar.

Roopa : so sad. shekar is like my brother. help him.
Raghav : i’m trying to find a customer to sell the jewells.
Roopa : don’t sell it. keep it up. you gave our money to them. when they return the money we will five it to them.
Raghav : nice idea. i’ll do it.

Roopa smiles. Raghav alsp smiles and cares her hair and drinks the tea.

To be continue…

Precap : Raghav gives the money to shekar saying that this money is like borrowing and give it when you want. ragini turns and looks shocked.

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