Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 10)


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Gadodia Mansion>

next morning, ragini gets up. she goes and take bath. after, she got dressed up she combs her hair. rithika comes and listens music while packing her bag with books. rithika’s phone rings. ragini takes it. karan calls.

Ragini : karan is calling.
Rithika : what? ka-karan. Who is karan?
Ragini : don’t act.
Rithika : why i want to act?
Ragini : i know. he is your lover. i heared your conversation last night.
Rithika : what?
Ragini : yeah.

Rithika comes to her. she starts to begs ragini to not to tell this to parents. ragini accept it. rithika in a happy cuddles her up and kisses her cheek. ragini smiles.

In Jewllery Shop>

the jewellery shop is shekar’s friend Raghav’s shop. he is a rich man. shekar comes to the jewellery. he comes to the receptionist.

Shekar : Can i meet your boss?
Receptionist : who are you, sir?
Shekar : i’m his friend.
Receptionist : okay, wait for a while, sir. i’ll call him.
Shekar : okay.

The Receptionist calls Raghav and told him.

Raghav : i’ll come.

raghav comes out from his room. he welcomed shekar. they hugged each other.

Raghav : nice to meet you.
Shekar : i want to talk to you.
Raghav : okay.

they goes to raghav’s room. they sit.

Raghav : What’s the matter?

Shekar takes out the jewels. he puts it down on the table. raghav looks on.

Shekar : i want to sell it?
Raghav : what? but, why?
Shekar : Don’t ask. just sell it. it’s urgent.
Raghav : but.
Shekar : Please.

Raghav have no words to say. he knows that shekar is in some problem by seeing his eyes.

Raghav : hmm…okay.

Shekar thanks him and goes. Raghav looks on.

Maheshwari Mansion>

AP and DP is in house. a marriage broker comes. they welcomed him.

Broker : ma’am i have find some girls for your second son.
AP : okay, i’ll choose and tell you.
Broker : okay. can i ask you a question.
DP : can.
Broker : why don’t you see a girl for your first son?
AP : Karan told that he wants time. so we choosing a girl for laksh.
Broker : okay. then i take my leave.
AP : hmm.
DP : hmm.

they then sees the girls photos. but they didn’t like any if them.

In Road >

Ragini drives her scooter in road. suddenly the scooter makes some noise. ragini goes aside. the scooter stops. she gets up and checks it. the scooter got repaired. she calls the mechanic shop.

Mechanic : yes. ma’am. how can i help you.
Ragini : my scooter got repaired. can you service it and drops it in gadodia mansion.
Mechanic : okay. tell me the address.

Ragini tells the address. she goes to the nearby bus stop. she waited there for bus.

Laksh comes there in his bike. he sees ragini and comes to her. ragini looks at him and turns. because dhe forgot him.

Laksh : Pari!

Ragini turns and looks at him.

Ragini : who pari?
Laksh : it’s you.

Ragini remembers him and get shocked.

Ragini : ah. yes. i’m pari. you?
Laksh : i’m laksh. road cross…
Ragini : aah. yeah. i remember

Laksh smiles. Ragini smiles and murmurs into her.

Laksh : so, what are you doing here?
Ragini : can’t you see that i’m waiting for bus.
Laksh : but, how can you yake a bus?
Ragini : why?
Laksh : i mean. you are a blind…
Ragini : so. i’ll knkw the bus by hearing the sound or asking the person.
Laksh : okay.

to be continue…

Precap : Ragini and Laksh drives in Laksh’s bike.

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Credit to: Athira

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