Aur pyaar ho gaya..(Episode 1)


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There was a serial name aur pyaar ho gya but this one is my genuine wrk n it is not related to same serial

Scene 1
Aiysha’s house
Aiysha- mom i will miss u alot ( hugging her mother)
Madhvi( Aiysha’s mom) – i will miss u 2 beta n if u will go then who will teach this nalayak.
Mayank ( aiysha’s bro)- maa., u always say me like this. I can study on my own. Its gud she is going, she always fghts wid me.
Aiysha- let me go u will miss me the most.
(They both continue to fight n run alround the house)
Raj enters..
Raj(ayeha’s father)- beta i have booked ur tickets 4 2morow n have arranged a flat 4 u nd sikha and this is ur new laptop.
Aiysha hugs his fathe nd says i love u dad.

Scene 2
Aditya’s house
A couple is sitting on sofa in a grand and luxurius house
Akash(aditya’s dad)- our son has made me proud by getting to ibm i love him a lot.
Suman(aditya’s mom)- i m also proud of him. One day he will become a grt bussiness man.
Just i hope with his new college he can frgt all that happened.
Aditya enters he is full of angr n throw the glass he has been holding n says
Maa how many times i have to say need mt to talk abt this topic. I dont want to listen this thing in the house again
Aditya leaves angrily n screen freezes on his angry face

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  2. Itna gussa ohooo

  3. Oh wowwww, aisha so cute n naughty but Aditya angry bird…very interesting. ..plzzzz continue dear. Eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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