So guys, remember me?? I am SAHANA and I have decided to pen down a rocking concept which struck my mind in the form of an OS. But I will continue only if I get sufficient support from all my dear ishqies.

The OS is only about shivika and a totally different story. The characters below :

1) ANIKA : anika came out of an abusive marriage and is now a single mother to a five year old girl AVNI. She has been living in AUSTRIA since five years. She is an engineer by profession and is independent.

2) SHIVAAY : the great SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI . now for a change, he is not rude at all and always thinks from heart and yet, a great businessman. And the great language of anika doesnโ€™t belong to her anymore. In this OS, our SSO is the sole owner of the language. He uses all the words like michmichi, tadi etc. he loved TIA a lot. His heart broke when he got to know TIA was cheating on him. From last 5 years, he has not married anyone nor has he fallen in love. He has now come to AUSTRIA for sometime where he has been planning to build up an oberoi constructions branch.

3) BHALLA FAMILY : There is a new addition guys, it is the bhalla family living in AUSTRIA and are anikaโ€™s neighbours. It is a huge joint family mainly consisting of beeji, papaji, their sons, bahus and children.

4) There will be some members of oberoi family and also some more additions which will be revealed later.

So guys, did u like it?? How will sso find love again?? Please do comment and support me. I will continue this OS only if I get sufficient number of comments which will satisfy me. My OS will be of maximum of 5 episodes. So , please bear me for 5 episodes. And, I cant post it regularly as I am super busy with my studies. But, I will make sure you guys get updated about my episodes as to when they will be out.
Take care guys.



  1. Diyaa


    |Registered Member

    I love it. I had been thinking of a scenario where Anika is the tough, stiff one and Shivaay the cute and loving type and he melts Anika and brings her out of her bitterness and tough shell. So your new idea seems awesome to me. Besides, ever since I have seen some of Naamkaran, the name Avni, associated with a little girl just melts my heart. God how I love that Avni!!
    Last but not least, you are an amazing writer for being able to handle so many different concepts. So in nutshell, please write this story ๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. Mariyam

    Totally differnt concept nd update soon dear..
    If u don’t mind r u muslim???But I think sahanaa is a muslim girl name na sooo

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