Aur pyaar ho gaya..(episode 9)

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Aditya cry in pain by remembering rupal n at next day in college aiysha irritates aditya n makes him angry.
College classes
Aiysha n aditya were sitting together n aditya was so much in anger n aiysha was laughing.
Aiysha- do u  always have so much of anger or today is any special day.
Aditya- what rubbish r u talking. Where the hell this manav has left me.
Aiysha- oh god! Plz keep calm otherwise from ur anger whole class will catch fire.
Aditya- cant u stay quite for some tym.
Aiysha- ok if i will stay silent for more than a min then u will speak continously for more than a min.
Aditya- no its better u keep on speaking miss. Bakbak.
Aiysha- oh! Wat a beautifull name. I just loved it Mr. Attitude.
Aditya- plz leave me alone for some tym.
N manav comes back to class with shikha n ask ‘whats the problem bro?’
Aditya pointing towards aiysha none other than miss. Bakbak. When she is with anyone how any other problem can come.
N manav laughs at it. N they all leaves the college for their respective places.
In way to home..
Aiysha n shikha r chit chatting about the day in clg. Shikha is so happy as she have spend some tym with manav.
Shikha- y r u teasing him so much. U r not lyk this.
Aiysha- have u listened iron cuts iron in same way his anger will end by his anger only.
Shikha- okzz! As u say madam.
Aiysha- leave him, where is pihu today.
Shikha- she has gone out of town for 5-6 days. Manav told me.
Aiysha in teasing voice oho manav, n what else ur manav told u.
Shikha- stop teasing me now plz. N U seems to be too happy today. Aditya’s magic or somethng else.
Aiysha- shut up yaar, u knw i always stay happy lyk this only.

Scene 2
Aditya’s bedroom
Manav- u seem to be too much frustated. Whats the matter
Aditya- i dont knw but that girl frustates me, i m unable to understand anythng that brings more anger in me. I dnt knw y her eyes r like mesmerizing me. I forget my anger my pain everythng in front of her. I dont like shouting on her. I dont like hurting her. I dnt knw y i feel so much for here. She is like a magician. I hate her.
Manav- no, u love her. Look at the smile on ur face. I have waited for years to see this smile. U love her.
Aditya(in anger)- no, i cant love her. I hate her. U r the one who is forcing me to agree that. I hate her. How can u do that i love ur sister only u know that.
Manav- but..( tears fall down his face n he hugs aditya) bro y did she does this, look at urself. Plz forget her now..
They both cries n consoles each other n then manav leaves for his house.

Next day
In college
Aiysha- hello mr. Attitude!, Hii! Manav, hows u guys.?
Manav- we r great aiysha.. n u r looking damn hot..
Shikha- n wat abt me?
Manav- u always look hot..
Shikha blushes.. n aiysha gives a sharp look to them n then clears her throat..
Aiysha- if ur talks r over shall we sit mam should be coming at any moment.
Manav n shikha again sit together n aiysha comes n sit near aditya but aditya gets up n sit at back bench.
Aiysha feels bad but he tried talking to afitya n ask him why he moved to different sit. But aditya didnt respond to his questions n completely ignores her. She feels too bad by his behaviour. N then naman comes n sit with her.
Aiysha n naman becomes busy in talking about their notes n studies. But aditya feels jealous seeing them together n he dosent likes naman talking with aiysha.
Lectures begins n all pay attention toward the classes but aditya was completely lost in noticing aiysha and naman.
Like this many days passed on.. aditya kept ignoring aiysha but felt jealous whenever aiysha was with naman. Manav has proposed shikha n their relationship status changed from ‘single’ to ‘in relationship’
 1st year has passed on with great enjoyment but with lots of secrets still hidden. Pihu’s liking towards aditya has increased but due to his anger she has always hidden them.
Aditya feeling for aiysha has also increased but he kept on convincing himself that he just love rupal n cant love any1 else.
Aiysha n naman has turned into bff n their bonding has increased as they share common hobby of reading.
Aiysha tried many times to talk with aditya but he kept on ignoring her. But she started to feel somethng about him.
After the 1st year was over aiysha n shikha has gone back to their homes to meet their parents.
It was the first time when aditya feels her absence n missed her. He realised it that he had developed feeling for her. But he was confused that how can he do so his love was rupal n rupal only..
He thought of talking to aiysha once she was back.

There at aiysha’s house in lucknow
Aiysha- dad, stop worrying i m fine now it has been 3 years i dont need any checkup now please.

Aiysha’s n aditya’s flasback is shown.

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