Aur pyaar ho gaya..(Episode 8)

Hello everyone!!
I m here with the 8th episode..
Hope u all r enjoying the story..
Thanx to all who read my story n supports me.
Aiysha nd aditya bcomes friend but only with their own purposes

Scene 1
Aiysha’s location
Shikha n aiysha comes back to home.
Shikha- aish, lets see who comes out first after changing dress.
Aiysha- done! n who ever loose will make coffee 4 both.
They both run to their rooms n change into shorts. Shikha comes out first after changing n aiysha make coffee for both.

They continue to laugh, fight n has great fun together
Once aiysha prepared coffee they started taking selfies n enjoying among each other.
Shikha- after coming to mumbai we had become too busy to talk among us.
Aiysha- true yaar, lets start with our all tym favorite game. N it will spill the beans.
Shikha- grt idea, n it has been long tym i have not punished u. They both laugh.
(The game is such that, one will speak out about the feeling of others heart but if its not true other will tell the truth  related to the same thing n the first one have to do whatever the other1 says to do n if it comes out to be correct then the other1 will tell everythng related to it n has to do what the first one says to do)
Shikha n aiysha fights on who will start at first so they toss a coin. N luckily aiysha wons.
Aiysha- now let me thnk on which topic i have to listen from u. Ok i feel that u have started to lyk manav.
Shikha blushes n says how do u get it.
Aiysha- i m ur best frnd idiot n i can understand u without seeing u.
Shikha- ok let me tell u than i feel i like him, he is so good, polite, caring n i just love the way he talks. I m not clear about my feelings till now but i like talking to him.
Shikha blushes and aiysha kept on teasing her
Aiysha- oh! So the matter has reached till there n i was not informed very bad now its ur punishment tym. U have to give me treat for whole weak.
Shikha- u r so bad u always do lyk this. Its my turn now sweetheart n u r gone. Ok for u i feel that u like mr. Attitude., what say.

Aiysha- u r dumb n made wrong move i dont lyk him he is so weird. I just wanted to change him n wanted to make him realise that his behaviour can hurt sumones feeling, nothing more. I knw what darkness in lyf means, i have suffered a lot so just wanted to remove sadness nd pain from everyones lyf. N plz I dont lyk him. N now ur punishment for not understanding me is u will tell ur feelings to manav.
Shikha- no aish! Its not done, u knw i cant plz yaar plz not this.
Aiysha- ok then i will give u punishment at ryt tym. N this punshiment becomes due to u.
They both continue to play n kept on enjoying.

Scene 2
Aditya’s room
He is writing a dairy.
How can sum1 talk so much? N y her thoughts make my heart skip a beat. What is there in her which makes me think of her. I had those feelings for Rupal some years ago y i m feeling the same. No i cant like her. I just love Rupal n cant love anyone else. Its just her eyes that make me remember Rupal n nothing more. I dont lyk her.
Aditya fights wid his own emotions n feels very sad n He closes his dairy n cries out in pain. Y did u leave me? I miss u. Plz come back. My lyf was so beautifull when u were wid me. Plz come back. N he writes beautifull but painfull poem in his dairy.
” Why u moved away from my life,
I lost u, i lost my life.
I sit beside the wondow in night,
See the moon n think of ur smile.
Tears drop out of my eyes, and
It seems u r holding me tight.
Life is lost without u,
I m totally alone without u.
My heart does not beats without u,
I m totally finish without u.

n aditya closes the dairy n sleeps with the dairy in his hand.

Next morning..
Scene 3
College campus
Every1 comes to college n aiysha intentionally makes shikha n manav sits together.
N she holds aditya’s hand n make him sit with her. Aditya gets frustated n shouts on her
‘What the hell do u think of urself? Y u always keep irritating me dont u have anyother work to do.’
Aiysha- aditya, what i remember is we became frnds yesterday. N it is the role of a frnd to irritate their frnds. So u cant get rid of me now. N she laughs.
Aditya is mesmerized with her smile.

Aiysha keep irritating aditya n make him more n more angry.

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