Aur pyaar ho gaya..(Episode 7)

They all make plans 4 movie n aditya agrees to it after aiysha’s request

Scene 1
Aiysha’s room
Aiysha is getting ready 4 clg n her phone rings.
Aiysha- hey dad! Hws u?
Dad- i m fine beta, hw r u?
Aiysha- i m grt n u knw wat today i m going 4 movie after clg its going to be great fun.
Dad- good beta., but do take care of urself n shikha as well.
Aiysha- sure papa, n how is mayank n mom?
Dad- maa is fine n mayank is also good.
Aiysha-dad u r hiding sumthng frm me. Is there any prblm.
Dad- no beta there is no prblm everything is just f9. U just take care n study hard.
Aiysha- ji papa, love u n plz take care.
She hang up the phone but she is quite disturbed n feel that there is some issues at home. She talks abt it wid sikha n they decides to go gurudwara before going to clg.
So they get ready in suit for the clg.
Aiysha chooses to wear a white churidar, pink kammez along with a white dupatta. To match with dress She put on pink earrings and silver bangles. She applies kajal n mascara to her eyes. She glosses her lips n let her long hairs free which has slight curls at the end. She looked stunning n mesmerizing. Her looks has ability to make anyone crazy for her.
Scene 2
Aditya’s room
Aditya is lost in his thoughts.
Its 9 in the morning n he is still not ready for clg. He is sitting n just looking towards a photo in his hand. His face has mix emotions sumtym it looks lyk he is happy sumtym his face is in anger. No one can predict what he is thinking. Suddenly his mom enters the room
Mom- adi r u not going to clg? Where r u lost?
Aditya- mom i dnt knw but i m thinking that y she has gone? Y she left me? Can i ever laugh again? Y god did this wid me? Will i fall in love again, she was my childhood love.
Aditya’s mom hugs him n says beta dnt worry everythng will be f9. It has been 3 yrs since she has gone now its high tym u should move on.
Aditya’s smiles painfully n start getting ready for clg.
Aditya’s mom come out of his room n talk to manav about aditya n tells him to take care of him. Pihu interupts n say aunty dont worry i will take care of him.
Aditya’s mom thanks her n leave from there.
Aditya,manav nd pihu leaves for clg.

Scene 3
They all meet in clg 4 the lectures. Aditya is mesmerized by the beauty of aiysha. He feels sumthng. Her eyes, her looks, her hair makes him remember sumone. He kept on stairing her for more than a minute when manav nd naman interupt her by saying we know she is looking stunning but u r stairing her.
He says no i m not u both do ur wrk.
But aditya is not able to take off his eyes from her face.
They all attend classes n then move out to  go for movie.
In theater aditya nd aiysha by mistake sits next to each other. Aditya refuses to sit but has no option as manav request him to sit bcoz he wanted to sit with sikha.
Aiysha notices his face n understand his wish but they had no choice.
Aiysha- y u always ignores me? Dont u like me, m i so bad?
Aiysha directly questions aditya once they sit next to each other.
Aditya is shocked by her sudden question n he didnt know what to say.
His voice fumbles n he says no its not lyk that. I just dont make frnds easily.
Aiysha- but i love to make frnds.
Aditya tries to avoid her but she was sitting next to him so he was unable to resist her beauty n her questions also.
Aiysha- y dont u make frnds? Do u lyk to live alone.
Aditya- its not lyk this but i dnt lyk to talk much.
Aiysha- dont u get bored by the same typical expression n looks u have.
Aditya- what do u mean by that.
Aiysha laughs n say nothing i was just asking how u manage to maintain so consistency in ur mood.
Aditya- shut up! Its not lyk that.
Aiysha- u behaves like the hero of some 90’s film who lost her love n now stay alone in darkness.
Aditya- u cant comment on any1 till u has not suffered his situations.
Aiysha- i m sry did i hurt u. But i never tends to do so. If u want u can make me ur frnd. I m a perfect frnd material.
Aiysha extends her hand 4 friendship nd then they shakes hand and become friends.
Aditya thinks in her thoughts atleast she will not irritate me now. Oh god! Y did i sit next to her n when this movie will end. What she thought m i fool to have frnds like her.
Aiysha thinks in his thoughts now i will teach mr. Attitude the lesson of friendship n love. What he thought i will make frnds like her. How crazy?…

He has attitude
She has charm
He was full of sadness
She was full of joy
He was rude
She was cute..
What will happen when their destiny comes together.. will love happen or they will continue to behave as stranger.

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