Aur pyaar ho gaya..(Episode 5)

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First day of college, entry of new character naman, aiysha’s n aditya’s first meet when they bump in to each other.

Scene 1
Aditya’s house
Aditya is sitting in his room all alone n he is thinking what is jappening to him. Where he has scene those eyes. Why he is feeling such a pain. He takes out photo frame from the side drawer n looks at it. He is holding a photo frame in his hand n has anger in his face but feels pain in his heart.
Aditya’s mom enters his room
Suman(adi’s mom)- beta, i have brought ur fav black tea 4 u.

Aditya- thanx maa but y u had taken teouble to come. U would have sent it with servant’s hand.
Suman- its ok, no problem at all. U r looking sad, again yhinking abt past. Adi it has been 3 yrs since then u r standing at same place. Adi u should move on, its high tym now.
Aditya- plzz maa, leave me alone. I dnt wanba talk on this topic. Nd ya now i m going on beach to get some fresh air. I m not feelng gud.
Suman- beta, its high tym now u should accept the truth. Problem will only be solved once u start facing it.
Adi- plz mom, N there is no prblm with me its with u all, thats y u dont understand me.
Suman- u have to accept she is gone. She will not come back. Y r u destroying ur lyf for her.
Adi(in anger)- maa plz n he leaves the house.
Aditya leaves for juhu beach.

Scene 2
Aiysha’s flat
Aiysha, shikha reached their flat. Aiysha says to shikha yaar i m having weird feeling today i m not able to forget his face.
Shikha- abt whom r u talking?
Aiysha- the guy i bumped in.
Shikha- how can u? He is the most handsome boy of the class. I hope i was there at ur place.
Aiysha- oh god! U will never change
Shikha- dats my quality dear..
N then they both laugh..

Nd then aiysha’s ph rang
Aiysha excitedly mom i was just abt to call u.
Mom- hows u beta? how was ur clg? r u fine there? Have u had dinner? How is shikha? Did u make new frnds? Dont u have any trouble na.
Aiysha- maa 1 question at a tym..
I m fine. Clg is lyk heaven. I had dinner. Shikha is fine n dont worry we r so happy here. Hows dad n bro.?
Mom- they r gud. We all were mussing u alot. Without u house looks so empty.
Aiysha- i also miss u all but u dnt take tension 4 anythng, everything is grt here n we both r living happily. Bye mom. Take Good care.
Mom- bye beta n u both take care of ur self.
Aiysha cries after keeping the phone n sees tears in shikha eyes also.
Then they both hug each other n shikha says to go on beach to have walk.

Scene 3
Aditya, Aiysha n Shikha reaches the beach.
Aiysha n shikha were walking at the beach side n just talking abt the college.
Suddenly shikha sees the icecream parlour n she says to aiysha hey lets go n have icecream.
Aiysha says i m not coming u go n have it, i m feeling good here at the sea side.
Shikha leaves.

Aiysha keeps on walking n suddenly she see aditya sitting at the sea side. She thought of talking to him, so she starts moving toward him.
As she reaches near him sumone pushes her n she falls down aditya saves fer from falling. N then they share a eyelock.
After coming to senses she says hi to asitya but he leaves her nd moves.
Aiysha- hey listen! Dont u recorgnise me? I m ur batchmate. We met today.
He ignores her n go.
N then shikha comes there aiysha tells her everythng happened n says how rude he is. I dont knw how a person can become lyk him.
Shikha says leave him n lets go back
N then they both goes back to their flat.
Aiysha- hey i felling very sleepy going to sleep.
Shikha- ha yaar, i m also too tired lets sleep.
They both goes to their room n sleep.

Blood sheds all over, dead bodies r lying here n there. Every inch of place is covered with blood. Sum1 shouting for help. People r crying. Nothing seems clear. N suddenly aiysha wakes up from her dream n shouts shikha’s name.

Shikha come running to her n ask her what happened, is she fine?
Aiysha is sweating n is afraid of the scene she just saw. She started crying n says to shikha i had same nightmare. I m very afraid. I dont knw which place it was. What had happened but there was lot of blood shed.
Shikha gives her water n says to calm down. She makes her sleep calmly.

Pihu become frnd to naman aiysha n ahikha n they make plan 4 movies.

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  1. Hey aishu snd adi had past

  2. Just wait there is lot more to come.

  3. hey dear , loved it the suspence is just superb , waiting for its revelation , pleaseeeeeeeeeeee soon make both fall for each other and just a suggestion adi should fall for aishu first , thanks for such a brrilliant ff.

    1. Thanx 4 liking piya..

  4. Awesome episode shiya, very interesting story, what is adi’s past…n why he is so rude…the nightmare was really scary, is it ralated to adi’s past somehow? some connection is there…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  5. Thanx roma..

  6. It was awsome ..
    Aditya is so rude …. If someones loved we shld accept move on in lyf n not hurt oders around us
    Waiting 4 ur nxt update till den
    TC N LUV U ♡♡♥♥♡♡

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