Aur pyaar ho gaya..(Episode 4)

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Shikha, aiysha, pihu, manav n aditya every1 getting ready 4 clg n intro of clg atmosphere n its popularity.

Scene 1
Aditya, Manav n Pihu enters the college n pihu n manav r fascinated by seeing the clg..
They feels excited n happy.
Pihu(in very excited tone) – finally v r here, my dream came true. I m here at ibm, plz pinch me i m sure its a dream.
Manav pinches him hard n she shouts..
Manav- its a realty dear.
(Aditya kept on looking here n there)
N then says ‘shall we move towards our class if ur talks r over’
Pihu- y he is always like this?? I miss his smile.
Manav- shut up yaar if he listens he will kill u..
Pihu- y i cant i get adi who is same as adi few years before..(she gets sad)
Manav- dont talk on this topic otherwise he will ruin ur 1st day by shouting on u.
Pihu- leave it , lets move..
They move towards class.

Scene 2
Aiysha n shikha r already in campus n searching 4 their class.
Shikha- i have to learn path of the clg coridors otherwise i will get lost everyday.
Aiysha- dont worry u will learn them slowly slowly n she laughs.
Shikha- let me ask the way from sum1 else..
Shikha(to a boy passing from there)- excuse me! Can u plz escort me the way towards mba 1st year class..
Boy- ofcourse, i m going to the same class. Hey i m Naman.
Shikha- hi naman. I m shikha. R u frm same class.
Naman- yup. I have completed my bcom from here only.
Shikha- grt.! Meet my frnd aiysha
Aiysha- hi naman. R u from mumbai itself.
Naman- yes i from here only but u both does not seem to be locals.
Shikha- yes we r from lucknow.
They 3 become frnds n move towards the class.

Scene 3
In class
First lectures ends in giving introduction to teacher n knwing more about clg.
Lyk this the the day passed on n aiysha n shikha become gud frnd with naman.

When they were going out suddenly aiysha bumps in aditya n they share eyelocks..
Aiysha get conscious n says sorry
Aditya gives him weird looks n leave..
Pihu- dont u have eyes? Cant u see? Idiot
Shikha- mind ur language. How dare u talk to her like this.?
Shikha n pihu both started fighting n aiysha is lost in her thoughts..
Manav comes in between n stop them.
Manav says sry to shikha n becomes her frnd.
Pihu gives him angry look n leave.
He says excuse me to all three of them n run behinds aditya n pihu.Manav reaches to aditya n say y did u came from there n didnt talk to her. She said sry to u then also u behave strange. Day by day u r becoming more rude.
Aditya- shut up n lets leave..
Aditya reaches his house n is sitting in his room all alone n was lost in his own thoughts n thinks Her eyes were like i have seen them sumwhere. Y i m feeling such a thng i never had such feeling within last 3 yrs.?

Aiysha is sleeping in her room n shouts loudly. N then says to shikha i had same nightmare.

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Credit to: Shiya


  1. Roma

    Awesome episode, first day in clg n bump to each other.…angry bird…her eyes r familiar…hmmm…what happened 3years back?precap is interesting. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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