Aur pyaar ho gaya..(episode 15)


Aiysha is confused about her feelings for aditya and she is disturbed by all these thoughts. Aditya reaches aiysha’s flat and it was totally dark in her house.

Scene 1
Aiysha’s flat
The place is totally dark and Aditya shouts for Pihu. He has no clues what is going on and why its so dark. He is unable to figure out anything and moves straight and calls manav and pihu’s name.
Suddenly he listens the sound of someone laughing very cutely. It was a pleasant sound of a girl laughing which can touch anybody’s heart. He sees here and there and find the sound familiar. He calls RUPAL’s name and then in front of him a focus light is turned on which is focused on a beautiful photo of Rupal. In the photo Rupal is wearing a beautifull white saree. And then the another focus light towards his left focusing Rupal’s eyes is turned on.

Aditya calls out manav’s name as he has no clue of what was happening.
He sees here and there and is mesmerized by Rupal’s photo. He is lost in his past moments. And then slowly slowly more focused lights are turned on which focuses Rupal’s beauty and her happines. Aditya is surrounded by Rupal’s photo from all side.
And then suddenly on one screen a video starts playing.

( In the video)
Rupal is shouting out Aditya’s name. She is calling aditya to catch him and she keep running. Aditya was chasing her and suddenly she falls down. Aditya holds her and cleans her wound.
Rupal- till when u will safe me from everything.
Aditya- till the day i m alive
Rupal- and if some accident happens wid me then.
Aditya- i will come running to save u.
Rupal- and if i will die then
Aditya- then i will come to u
Rupal- no, never adi if i will die then u have to live for me, for my dreams, for our love. Promise me adi u will always live happily if i die some day. Promise me u will fall in love again. Promise me u will take care of our families.
Aditya- nd if i will die then?
Rupal- ok we both will promise each other to do all this things if any one of us die first.

(In present)
Aditya’s eyes are filled with tears and all the lights are turned on.
The entire hall is decorated with white and yellow roses. There are only white ballons all over in the hall. Hall is decorated beautifully. When suddenly aditya see Aiysha dressed in white saree. He tries to ask something when aiysha hints him to stay quiet.
Naman comes and make him sit silently on sofa.

Aiysha starts speking.
Aiysha- i know aditya this is all confusing for u but i thought this is the best way to convey a message to u and ask for apology.
I know i have hurted u alot, but i didnt knew about ur past. So i m sorry for hurting u. U may be thinking why this hall is decorated in white and yellow so let me tell u white bcoz i wanted u to have peace in ur life, u must not stay rude and arrogant u should become like the white colour. And yellow is bcoz i wanted to start a friendship wid u.
Aditya- r u nuts! Do u find all this things funny. U dont have right to play wid my past.
Aiysha- stay calm. I wanted to say few more things to u, if u can listen me. Please

Aditya sits quietly.
Aiysha- u know Rupal has donated her eyes and it may be hurting for her to see u like this. Ur attitude may be hurting her. Bcoz wherever she may go but she should be watching u. U promised her to stay happy may be her eyes wanted to see u happy.
Aditya- this is all nonsense, she is gone and she can not even see me.
Aiysha- she can i m carrying her eyes and every time my eyes just wanted to see u happy.
Aditya is shocked to listen all this. Aiysha narrates her the whole story again.
Aiysha- it may be a shocking to u but believe me and do u know the person who loves always wanted to see the other happy. Its not only her eyes but also her soul that may be seeing everything from sumwhere. U r not only hurting urself but u r also giving pain to her soul. U both promised each other to stay happy after any one from u has gone, but look at urself and ask it to ur heart r u fulfilling her promise.
She loved u so much but see what r u doing for her love. U r hurting her after her death also.Its my humble request find sumone else who can love u more and can make u stronger so that her soul can rest in peace. Stop being cruel to everyone and to urself also. Move on in ur life u have so many other responsibility to fulfill.

Aditya was left in tears, he was shaken up by her words. The truth from which he was trying to run was in front of him once again.

Then Manav, Pihu, Shikha and Naman all comes in front of him.
Manav- Aiysha is right Adi. Its high time now u should move on. Ur parents r suffering bcoz of u. Love is everywhere u should try finding it in someone else, di is gone she is past now and she will never come back.
Pihu- yes Adi, u cant stop living ur life. Ur life is not only urs it belongs to others also. U should think about them.
Aditya hugs Manav and takes him with him outside the house. He says’i need u shall we go to beach’
Manav- ofcourse bro! Lets leave
They both go to beach.

After they leave
Shikha- did our plan worked. Will he be able to understand
Aiysha- i think so, he may not be convinced completely but he would think of what we said.
Naman- i think ur words should have left a deep impression on his heart. And he would not be able to forget all this.
Pihu- just hope for the best.

Aditya and Naman has reached to the beach. Aditya have not uttered a single word on entire way from Aitsha’s house to beach.
Naman- y did u brought me here?
Aditya- how can u do all this to me, u were my best friend and u only hurted me.
Naman- adi if u were have been at my place then u would have done the same thing as i did. Try to understand adi, di has gone and u r troubling her by this behaviour.
Aditya started crying badly and says’ i have loved her so much. How can i move on?’
Naman- plz try to free urself from all the boundries and try to see the goodness in other people rather than seeing bad in them, try to love everyone and tather than hating. I m not saying u to imidately take action but plz try to become normal and behave normally with others.
Aditya- i think u r right i should try to move on for the sake of my love and her dreams.
They both hug each other happily.
It was like adi has regained life and his lost smile has found its way on his face.
Adi was smiling without Rupal for first tym.
And it was like a beautifull moment of the day. They both goes back to Aiysha’s place.

Aditya- i m sry guys for hurting u all at one or the other time. I was so much lost in my pain that i forget to see others may also have more pain. And aiysha i m truly sorry for hurting ur feelings all the time and being rude with u. Will u become my true frnd now.

With the friend request aditya has streched his hand forward towards her and she agrees for friendship and they both shake hand for their new friendship.

Thanks for ur support and comments regularly. Its my 15th episode all thanks to reader who appreciated me to write.
Thank u so much everyone.

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  1. Wow..!! Loved this update..! A little bit emotional too. Anyway if u totally fine pls update regularly na pls

  2. Awesome, omg shiva it was tooo good. …very beautiful n well described. …I’m in love with this story. ..very pure n lovely plot…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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