Aur pyaar ho gaya..(episode 14)


Aiysha and shikha preparing for their plan when manav, naman and pihu did horrible joke with them. Pihu confesses her love for aditya to aiysha, and aiysha promises to bring adi’s love to her

Scene 1
Aditya’s room
Aditya is disturbed and in pain. He has decorated his room with ballons and had brought cake. Very large size rupal’s photo is kept in his room. He had light many candles in front of her photo. He brings the cake in front of her photo and in backgroung happy bday song is played. He has tears in his eyes. He cut the cakes and put some cake on her face and eats the second piece of cake. He says ” happy bday my love. Years may go or come but my love for u will never change. U r there or not but i can feel u always around u. I always loved u and will always love u. Aiysha said that i m so bad that no one will never live with me. May i seriously bad dear. Thats y u leaved me. Tell me Rupal plz  am i seriously so bad.”
And aditya started crying badly and sits aside rupal’s photo, when suddenly his mother comes inside the room and she is left stunned when she sees the view of adity’s room. She felt bad and said for his son. She hugs him and stops him from crying. She cleans his face and ask him to control himself.
Aditya’s describe her everything that happened in college today.
Aditya’s mom- no beta, u r not bad. Dont feel like this but think once bcoz of sumone who is gone u have hurt sumone who really cares for u. She just wanted to know y r u sad, she just wanted to reduce ur pain. The way u see the world it is seem in the same way. If u thing everythng negative about her than u will see only negative part of her. She must be hurted by ur words. Think of others feeling also adi.
Aditya- i dont know what magic she did on u that u r talking good only about her. I says that she is hurt but what about me maa i have been hurted very badly.
Adi’s mother caresses his head and make him sleep in her lap.

Scene 2
Aiysha’s house
Aiysha- hey guys everything is done and we are ready for tommorrows plan.
Naman- wow yaar, its all great. Now let see how he can escape.
Manav- yes and this time he has to understand n he will understand.
And they all give high five and then discuss plans for next day and distributes remaining work.
Pihu- manav u have the biggest responsibility. U have to bring him anyhow.
Manav- dont worry i know wat to do n how to bring him.
After all the important discussion they wave good bye to each other and leave 4 their houses.

Aiysha and shikha were so tired that they felt asleep in hall itself while talking to each other.
The day of Rupal’s bday has changed many things in their life. They had get to know each other closely and now they all had become the important part in each others life.

Scene 3
Next day morning
On the beach
It was just 5 a.m in the morning. Sunlight has taken all the darkness from the clouds. Sun was still hidden in clouds and was just about to start its journey of the entire day. There were very less people on the beach. The weather on the beach was mesmerizing. Sky was filled with pink colour which mixes the colour of sun and sky. There was cold wind breeze and aiysha was walking there on the beach. She was wearing shorts and left her hair free. She was looking stunning.
She was lost in her thoughts and she was worried about the planning. She was not sure about her decission of executing this plan but she wanted to see the old aditya who was jolly and cheerfull. She wanted to teduce his pain. She was also confused about her feelings for him. She was unable to understand why she cares so much for him.? Why his thoughts are always there in her mind ? Why she cant see him in pain? And above all this questions she was not able to find answer for any of this questions. This all things and thoughts were making her more disturbed. When she was lost in thoughts suddenly her mobile bell rings. She sees the screen and it was shikha on other side. She picks up the call
Shikha(shouts)- where the hell r u? I m searching u from past half hour. Where r u tell me just now i m coming.Aiysha- stop worrying sweet heart, i m on beach and will come back right now. Need not to come here. I just got up early and thought of having walk, so moved to beach.
Nd she rushes away from beach for searching taxi.
At the moment she reaches home shikha gives her angry look.
Aiysha- ohk baba! I m sorry..
She holds her ear and starts doing sit ups..
Shikha- stop being cute now..
Aiysha- and u stop giving those looks.. i m sorry yaar. I was just feeling suffocated so moved on for a walk. U were sleeping so i thought not to disturb u . I m sorry again.
Shikha- its ok yaar, but i was worried nothing else. Ok now lets get ready today is a important day.
Aiysha- okz sweetu, then i m going to take bath. Nd u will prepare breakfast till then.
Shikha- okh…
Aiysha started getting ready. She choose to wear white saree matched with silver bangles and diamond earings. Saree’s blouse was of silver colour and saree was completely white in colour with some silver work on it. She left her hairs free which were so long that it was touching her waist. Sje applies kajal and eyeliner in her eyes. She was looking gorgeous. Her beauty was undefined and she was looking like a princess.
Shikha- oh my god! Aish u r looking damn hot and gorgeous. If adi hasnt live u till now he will love u today itself for sure.
Aiysha- shut up yaar dont talk nonsense.
If that work had not been given to me than i shouldnt have dressed up like this.
Ok now hurry up lets complete other task fast. Have u talk to manav. He had talked with aditya or not.
Shikha- dont worry manav, naman and pihu will be there in 5 mins and he is doing his work.

Scene 3
Manav’s car
Pihu is driving, manav is sitting next to him and naman is sitting at back.
Manav calls aditya
Manav- adi, do come fast to aiysha’s flat pihu met with an accident we have taken her to there flat.
Aditya- wat! I will be there in 15 mins. Msg me the address.
Manav- ok.
After cancelling the call.
Pihu- is he coming.
Naman- obviously he will.
They all reach to aiysha’s flat.
Shikha- they have come.
Manav- hey guys! He will be coming in 10 mins. All ready for the plan.
All say yes in unison and go to their respective positions.

Aditya reaches the place. He comes to aiysha’s flat at sixth floor and press the door bell but he found the foor open. So he comes inside the flat and it was totally dark unside and there was no ray of light. He was standing there on the gate and shouts pihu. And the screen freezes in the darkness of the flat and his face.

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Thank u so much for giving me continous support and appreciating my work. It would have not been possible to write so many episodes if u all have not apreciated it. Thank u so much.

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