Aur pyaar ho gaya..(episode 13)


Shikha tells about aiysha’s blindness n aiysha has been transfered rupal’s eyes..

College canteen
Aiysha is in tears remembering her hard times,
Shikha- i know aish it was a difficult time 4 u. Dont cry plzz.
Pihu- u r really inspiration for everyone. U r not only sweet n lovely person but u r the one u kept patience n fought bravely with every difficult time.
Naman- pihu is right aiysha. U have thought us many more things wid ur bravery. We cant even imagine how difficult it is to live without colours. To have darkness every time but u still manage to study n give it ur best shot everytime. U r really great.
Aiysha – i didnt know when i was shifting to mumbai that i will find so many new relations in mah life.

I will be glad if i can do anything for the people related to rupal. She was the one who showed me world. She gave me colours n now i want to fill these colors in the life of all who are close to her. I promise u manav i will remove sadness from everyones life including aditya.
Manav- thanks aiysha i just love u.
Aiysha-love u 2 manav.
Shikha- hawww.! And i love u both.
They hug each other n have tears of happiness in their eyes.

It was the best day of college for them, their frndshp n bondings have seen the colour of selfless frndshp today. They all were extremely happy n thought of how to manage aditya n his sadness.
Pihu- hey guys.! Wat about aditya?
Naman- we have to do something for him., we must try to reduce his pain.
Aiysha- i have a idea guys.., will u all help me? I will surely turn aditya into a old adi again n i will also apology to him.
Manav- whats the idea n what is running in ur mind tell me fast…
Aiysha- wait 4 a minute. I will tell everythng to u all.
Aiysha shares her plan wid everyone, and they all agrees to it.
Shikha- wat a superb plan yaar. Now aditya have to forget his anger.

Aiysha- i hope so, now let us all go back to our houses and we have to start working for tommorow.
Pihu- ok dond and we r coming at evening to ur house to make all the preparations.
Shikha- it will be great. Meet u all in evening.
They all move back to their house.

Scene 2
Aiysha’s flat
Aiysha n shikha are busy decorating their house and making other arrangements. Suddenly lights went off. Shukha is scared of darkness so she hold aiysha tightly. Whereas aiysha is so used of darkness she can even manage to walk. She makes shikha sits on sofa and goes to take candle.
Aiysha wents to kitchen n is searching for candle here and there she was searching in drawers when she listens scream of shikha.

She runs to shikha n searches for her and she is unable to find her on sofa where she made her sit. She gets worried n runs to room to bring her mobile. She was in her room searching her mobile in darkness when she found her mobile she starts flash to see where is shikha but she sees a horrible face covered in blood she also shouts and start running here and there. She is afraid of what all she has seen. She starts shivering, and is horrified. She remembers shikha and by collecting her courage she starts finding her again and come back to hall where she finds skeleton and become unconcious due to fear.

When she gain conciousness she finds pihu near her and immidiately she ask for shikha. Pihu points towards the other corner where shikha is lying unconcious. She runs to shikha and throws some warer on her face. Shikha gains concious and hugs aiysha.
Pihu- wat has happen to u both? Why u both were lying like this?
Aiysha- we have seen a horrible scene. There was someone totally covered in blood.
Shikha- and there was skeleton in the house and a horrible lady
Manav show them masks and ask ‘are u both talking about them?’
Naman starts laughing in weird horrible tone and show them skeleton.
Aiysha- guys is this the type of joke u should do with us…
Aiysha and shikha starts running to beat them.
They both run behind them to beat and continue to shout on them and they start enjoying this movement and start throwing cushions on each other and laugh.They continue pillow fights with each other In fighting and running shikha and manav fall on each other and had a eyelock. Manav is lost in shikha’s eyes and hold her tightly. Shikha is also lost in manav and they remain in same position forgetting presence of other…

Pihu(coughing loudly)- let us leave love birds here and go some where else. They both need personal time now.
Manav and Shikha become aware and leave each other and stands up and sees all three of them stairing on both. They three started teasing them and started laughing on both of them.
Aiysha- if ir romance and comedy are over than shall we do some work. I hope u all have not forgot the purpose of gathering.
Everyone started working and decorating the house. Each and everyone were completing their part of duty so to make their plan a big success.
In between working aiysha and pihu goes to kitchen to prepare something to eat for everyone.
Pihu- shall we make pasta and cold coffee for everyone.
Aiysha- thats grt idea and let us also prepare some sandwiches manav and naman will not be satisfied with pasta only.
Pihu- yups u r right so let start making. I will make coffe and u prepare pasta and sandwich.
Aiysha(smiling)- wow how nicely u have distributed work.

Pihu- sry yaar i dont know how to prepare anything else.
And they both smile.
In hall naman, shikha and manav were busy in doing the other left out work.

In kitchen
Pihu- shall i ask something?
Aiysha- ofcourse u can need not to be so formal.
Pihu- plz dont take me wrong but i cant manage without asking.
Aiysha- plz need not to say all this u can ask watever u feel like asking.
Pihu- Do u love Aditya?
Aiysha is shocked with her sudden question.
Aiysha- y r u asking like this?

Pihu- plzz tell me na do u love aditya?
Aiysha- no, not at all. I just consider him as a good friend.
Pihu- r u saying the truth.
Aiysha- ofcourse pihu, but do u love him.
Pihu- yes i love him. I loved him from the day i first saw him but he was with rupal at that time but after she is gone i have always supporrted him but has not seen a sign of love in his eyes. But i feel sumthing different when i see both of u together. So i wanted to know ur feelings before telling him about my feelings. I dont wanted anything from him, i just wanted to see hin happy. Thanks aiysha for ur efforts of making him happy. U r really an angel. If old adi will cone back i will surely propose him.

(Aiysha felt something breaking in her heart but she did not understood her feeling. She dosent understand why she is feeling bad after listening.)
Aiysha- i will help u to get aditya’s love. Dont worry.
They both hug each other and pihu cries hugging her. Aiysga consoled her and says “dont worry everything will be fine”.

After this they bring everything to hall and all eat sandwiches and pasta and enjoys everyones company.
Their work was done and the step1 to execute their plan was  completed.
They were all set to apology and make aditya the old one again…

Hey guys!!
I m sry for being late in updating, i was not well thus could not update for a week but i will surely try my best to update on alternate days..
And thanks to all for supprting me through ur comments.

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