Aur pyaar ho gaya..(episode 12)


Adi has recoverd little bit till the day of funeral n he requested our parents for coming in funeral. He was not able to walk thus he came on wheelchair. He was devastated by seeing di’s face n was left in tears.
Di’s face was totally damaged, it was burnt n i cant tell u how horrified she has been changed to. Adi requested everyone to do the last ritual of di’s death by himself. He did everythng n at that day not only my di burned but sumthng inside the adi was also burnt to ashes.

Di was gone 4ever but adi became a body widout soul. We didnt only lost di but our sweet aditya was also lost. He was not able to take this pain n He lost his mental state  n once i had gone to adi’s house to met him i didnt found him in his room we searched for him everywhere, we were so tensed. After an hour he was found on terrace totally in blood, he had cut his wrist n was unconcious. He was immediately shifted to hospital n after this he attempted suicide 2 more times.

But grace of God he was saved everytime n then he was shifted to rehab to gain mental stability. He was shifted in a room which do not have even a single thing from which he can harm himself. The room only consist a bed and a table. So that he cant try back suicide.

After a year treatment his coditions were fine but he was not completely stable. So he was kept in rehab for a year again which made him totally stable but this incident has taken his smile n he had turned into a rude aditya. Aditya’s smile was killer for every girls heart. He was so sweet that everyone around him was his frnd. But this incident has taken everythng from him.

He is alive but we had lost our aditya. His mother n his father wants that his smile should come back. They have suffered a lot n had compromise many things. We all just wanted our adi back. Di is gone n she will never come back but we want adi to live his life happily.

Manav stops speaking n started crying when shikha n pihu consoled him. Everyone present there were in shock listening about him.
Manav- today is 26th aug my di’s bday. Thats why adi was so sad. When di was alive she always went to eye hospital this day to help the blind people thats y adi goes there every year on this day. N this is the reason of his sadness.

Aiysha(in tears)- what i have done, i had hurted him so much. I need to apologise to him asap.
Pihu- not today. He leaves alone today n celebrates rupal’s bday all alone every year
Manav- talk to him tommorow. He will not listen anything today. Just leave him alone today.
Aiysha- ok as u both says. But tommorow i will definately apology to him.
Aiysha was feeling guilty to hurt aditya. She cried for her behaviour n wanted to apology asap.
Shikha- manav dont u miss ur sister
Manav- we all misses her a lot but she always wanted us to live happily.
Naman- did she talked with anyone in her last times.
Manav- yes she left message 4 everyone of our family n she also donated her eyes as they were not harmed. She always felt bad for blind peoples. She always wanted to do something for them.

she was unconsious for three days after she gain concious n she gave our no. To dr. But before we can reach there she died.
Aiysha is lost in her thoughts. N she didnt respond to anything everyone said. Shikha n naman asked her where she is lost.
Aiysha- manav, was ur sister’s full name rupal khanna n u did u got her body from
V. S. Hospital. ?
Manav- yes how do u know this?
Aiysha- manav, ur sister donated eyes u said.
Manav(in shock)- yes, but y r u asking like this?
Aiysha- thats why i see those nightmares of bomb blast n blood shades. That is why i feel connection with aditya. Thats why it always seem to me that i have seen u sumwhere.
Manav n all others are quite suprised n puzzled about what aiysha was saying. N they asked in unison why r u saying all this. What u mean by these things?
Aiysha- bcoz of rupal i can see the world.
Pihu(in shock)- what u mean by that.?
Shikha- r u serious aiysha.
Aiysha(with tears in her eyes)- yes, i m 100 percent sure of this thing now.
Manav- wat u both r talking we didnt understand. Can u both make it clear to us.?
Shikha- let me tell u.

Aiysha was born blind. His father took him to every posssible place where she can get treatment. But her eye were having some problemstherefore she cant be operated before 18. So she stidied in blind school in lucknow. But she never wanted anyone sympathy so she always worked by her own and learned everything very fast. She was good in atudies n wanted to study more n more thats why she always kept on studying. We are neighbours in lucknow so we both shared healthy n beautifull friendship from childhood. I always use to help her when she needed it.
She had been operayed once when she was 16th but she just wanted a donor whose eyes can be given to her.
When bomb blast took place she was in mumbai itself n was admitted to V. S. Hospital for some treatment. When  ur sister put up her wish to donate eyes she was there in hospital. N to safe eyes for further damage dr.’s immidately thought of donating her eyes. N di’s eyes were transferred to aiysha’s face. But there were some complication in the operation so she was shifted to delhi immidiately.

Thats why u felt that her eyes resembled to the eyes of ur di.
Manav cries holding aiysha’s hand n remembering his sister.

Aiysha apologising to aditya

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