Aur pyaar ho gaya..(episode 11)


Manav starts narrating adi’s past. Rupal is manav’s sis n adi’s childhood friend.

Scene 1
College canteen
Everyone is busy in listening the story of adi. N manav continues to tell them.

Rupal di was like life of our families. Adi’s sis n di always use to go for shopping n spend time wid each other. We were like the most wonderful frnds and companion.
When di was in 11th i was in 9th i came to know about adi’s love for di. We fought for first time bcoz i dont liked his thoughts but then he made me clear about his love.
It was 26th aug di’s birthday. When adi decided to propose her. He set the party on 25th night. First we celebrated her birthday. Then adi proposed her he had tried every possible way to suprise her he can do at that age. But di refused his peoposal, it was like the worst time for him. He tried hard to make di understand his feelings. This has affect their friendship n it was like our team was turned lifeless. But anyhow adi kept patience n he had proved his love everytime in front of di. But bcoz of all this problems adi’s courage was shaken nd he was not able to withstand di’s hatred anymore, so he decided to run out n he left to his cousin’s house at delhi for 2 months. This made di realised his love nd she  also went to delhi to accept his love. It was like the best thing of our life. They both loved each other a lot nd spend tym together in delhi itself.
 Our families come to know about their love n they were very happy with the news. It was first time our families were going to share any relation other than friendship. Everything was perfect and life was never so beautifull before.
Di n adi passed school life n moved towards their college life. They both goes to xaviers to pursue They had fought many times for their love but had never left each other. They were idiol couple for me. Everything was perfect some small problems were nothing in front of their love. They use to spend time on beaches sitting quietly, fighting, loving each other and enjoying every moment in each others company.
It was the most beautifull relation in my eyes. Di was the topper of class n adi was the dude of class. They were the perfect combination.
When they were in final year i started my college n i met pihu there. She became my best frnd n we all started sharing a beautifull friendship.
Everythng was beautifully perfect. It was adi’s bday 17th oct 2012. We all were preparing for the party as we decided to surprise adi n we all distributed our responsibility. Di went to take cake for the party but she was dressed like princess for the party. She wore adi’s fav saree as he likes to see di in saree. Di parked her car n moved to bakers shop n adi called her to ask where she was. She replied that she is just coming. Adi n di continued to talk on the phone n di took the ordered n came near the car. She was talking with adu also suddenly a boom sound came n it was chaos all over. Bomb blast took placed at the mall’s parking lot. Adi listened to it from the phone he took out his bike n drive it to the same dpot to find di. But to make things more worse he made with an accident bcoz of his hurry. He got severe injury at his head n was bleeding badly. There at bomb blast scene we were searching for di but unable to find here. We were told to go to city hospital to check out bomb victims to find di.
It was worst than a nightmare we didnt know whether to find di or look out for adi. He was admitted to hospital n was in coma. Dr. Suggested head surgery. It was like everything is shattered n we all were devastated. Adi’s surgery went right n he was out of danger but on the other hand we were unable to find di’s body. It has been 2 days we had been running here n there to find di or any information related to her. After 2 days we were called to identify a dead body whether it belongs to di or not. N to our surprise it was di’s body but it was in worst condition n we were not able to look at that body. But by its clothes n ring in his finger n all other identity we recognized it to be di’s body.

Adi’s suicide attempts n aiysha remembering her past.

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  1. Nice episode shiya but a small request of a bit longer updates from next time plz

  2. Ok dais i will try updating more longer episodes

  3. Wowwww

  4. Nice episode..!!

  5. Thanx hayathi n kavya

  6. Wowwww such a terrible fb….so sorry for adi n rupal…I think aisha is rupal…her eyes….remember is same as rupal n her dreams of bomb blast….I’m sure she is the one …keep it up, it’s so interesting story. ..precap is very exciting. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thanx roma 4 ur fabulous comments n support

  7. it’s really intresting n lovable story
    n poem in that previous episode was really fabullous……….

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