Aur pyaar ho gaya..(episode 10)


Shikha n manav gets committed n then for few days shikha nd Aiysha goes to lucknow n aditya misses aiysha badly..

Scene 1
Aiysha’s house
Aiysha’s dad- beta! R u ready to go to dr.’s clinic.
Aiysha- no papa, i hate clinics.
Dad- but we have to go its ur last checkup date.
Aiysha- paa i m fine its has been 3 yrs from now i dont wanted to go.
Shikha- no uncle, dont listen to her just take her. She had nightmares about the bloods, blast, dead bodies n many more. She needs to tell that to dr.
Dad(in worried tone)- u didnt tell me about this all.
Aiysha- dad it was like photo negatives, i thought it may be just bcoz may be i thought too much.
Dad- lets go n dont waste time.
They both goes to dr. N dr checks aiysha and informs her dad that she is fine. N those nightmares may be bcoz of that incident n they may go with tym.
Aiysha’s dad becomes happy after listening about her well being.
Next day shikha nd aiysha leaves back for mumbai, as their colleges were about to reopen.
Aiysha- mumbai feels homely know.. it has been many days i was missing mumbai n our clg.
Shikha-nd i was missing manav n ya college too.
Aiysha laughs n they go for sleeping.

Scene 2
Next morning
College campus
Aiysha n shikha reaches clg. Shikha sees manav so she runs towards him n hug her.
Aiysha meets naman nd pihu n they all go for classes.
Aiysha- where is aditya?
Naman(in teasing tone)- r u missing him?
Aiysha- shut up! I just asked as everyone was here except him.
Pihu- he will come late to the college as he has gone to gurudwara n they he will go to eye hospital.
Aiysha- y? Eye hospital
Manav- he goes there every year on this day. Its his habbit.
N then aditya enters. He seems dull n disturbed. His face has no sign of anger but lots of pain. He seems unhappy.
Aiysha notices his sadness n thought of talking to him.
Aiysha- hi! Aditya, hows u. U seem upset.
Aditya(angrily)- plzz i m not in mood to talk.
Aiysha- u can tell me if something is troubling u. I m ur friend after all.
Aditya- i said, i dont want to talk cant u listen.
Aditya rplies in very loudly nd angrily. Aiysha felt hurt but she thought of giving a another try to reduce his pain. She was unable to see his pain n sadness nd anyhow wanted to reduce it. So she gives another try to talk to him n sort out his problem.
Aiysha- if u dont wanted to talk to me its ok i will not force u but u may talk to someone about ur prblm sharing may reduce ur pain. It may be possible u will feel good after sharing ur sorrow. If u dont wanted to say it to me then u can talk with either manav or pihu. They both r ur best frnds n will surely understand u.
Aditya shouts on her n pushes her aside ‘what the hell do u think of ur self. Dont u have any other work? Y r u interfering iny life? When i said leave me alone cant u listen it. U r really a irritating nd annoying girl. I thought u r a sweet person but u r such a..’ nd he stops with this words n pushes her back.
Aiysha was left in tears but she shouts back.
‘Thats y u dont have anyone with u. U dont have real frnds n nobody wants to have frnd like u. U will never have anyone beside u n will always live alone. I thought u my frnd so thought of making u smile. But u dont deserve frndship, ur ego n ur attitude will never allow anyone to live wid u. U will live alone forever.’

Aditya eyes becomes wet by listening to all these things b he thinks of rupal n leaves from there.
Manav shouts on aiysha n says ‘u dont know anything what u did. Y did u said this to him. U dont know how much u hurt her.’
Aiysha- u will always take his side only y u will think about me. How much he had hurt me u will never understand.
Manav- plz aiysha u dont know anything let me tell u everythng from the starting then   u will understand why he is like this.
Manav, aiysha, shikha, naman nd pihu sits in a canteen to listens what manav has to tell them about the aditya.
N aditya leaves for his house n he sits in his room with rupal’s photo n cry out in pain that y did u leave me? It was only u who understands me n nobody else will never know me but y did u go?
In canteen manav starts narrating them the story of their past.

My family n adi’s family r friends from the past three generations. Our families were always leaved together n every child of our family is brought up with the same feeling of friendship. I had a elder sister who was 2 years elder than me. Her name was rupal. Adi n di were of same age n best buddy from childhood. But i never called adi as bhaiya he always remain adi for me
 We three were grt frnds n enjoyed every moment with each other. When they were child they always treated each other as there life he always listened to wat di said n she always shared everythng to him. They were not only friends but much more than that. In class 11th adi proposed di n they became committed. They both look like ‘made for each other couple’. My sis was same as u aiysha. Her nature was the same as u have. Her eyeswere like the exact copy of ur eyes. She has same charm n liveliness. Those days adi was like the champ. He used to be so relaxed, he loved talking n making friends. He was funny n was full of life.

Hey guys!!
Sry 4 late update but i was busy in some family functions n there was i was unable to update. But now i will try to update regularly.
Hope u all like the story. Guys do support me by ur comments.

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  1. Hi Shiya.. I completed reading all the episides today only..!! Thy were amazing..!! I love ur ff a lot.. Please continue it.. And update regularly na.. 🙂

  2. Rupal is aisha only na

  3. Thank u so much guys..
    Ur comments n supports r really a encouragement to write. N ya i will surely try to update regularly.

  4. Awesome episode, adi n aisha fight was very bad…both are in pain…fb is good..keep it up

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