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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 9th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sanvri comes to Raj’s house, and finds the door open. She calls Madhuri, but sees Pooja standing on the slab in the kitchen looking for something in the upper cabinet. She goes and picks her, Pooja cries however she consoles her and asks her where her mother is. Pooja says she doesn’t know, Sanvri thinks what kind of a mother she is. She asks Pooja what she was doing, she tells her that she is hungry. Sanvri says that they should go to their home, they will eat together.
Raj and Avni comes to the sunset point. Raj looks at Avni, Avni says that this sunset is so beautiful. Raj says he is looking at the most beautiful creation in the world. She is his day and sunset, he sees everything in her eyes. He says he want no one interrupts between them. His phone bell rings, he says it is some kind

of music. She says it is your phone bell, he sees it is Suket. He tells Raj that he has to give the file to Mr. Gupta right now within 20 minutes. Raj is worried as he has no car, Avni tells him a shortcut to go there.
Raj says that he will go with the straightway. She asks for the file, and says she will drop it there. He says only I know to ride a cycle, Avni says I am a champion and goes riding the bike expertly.
Jiji is worried, she calls her friend to ask is Pooja with her, she tells her that she was asleep when she left. Jiji asks why she left, couldn’t she wait? She tells jiji that she got a call that her brother had an accident. Jija comes there, jiji tells him that Pooja is no where home.
Raj comes to Avni in a rickshaw. Avni tells him it took you 35 minutes to reach here and MR. Gupta left for the airport ten minutes ago. Raj asks her what happened to her, where this rider came from. Avni says that she grew up with 2 elder brother, was a cycling champion at school; she wanted to be with him on one cycle, so she did this drama. Raj asks her for another ride, they both leave.
Jiji cries in front of Arpita, Jija comes and tells them he couldn’t find Pooja. Akshit says they must call police now. Arpita sees a wallet on the sofa, she stops Akshit to call and says she know where she is.
Avni comes to see Pooja and Sanvri at home, Avni asks where are Jiji and Jija. Madhuri comes calling Pooja, she runs towards her mom. Jija says she brought her without telling anyone. Avni asks Sanvri why you brought her here without telling anyone. Sanvri says I went there to meet her, but no one was there to look after her, she was hungry so she brought her here. Madhuri says that you should have called me, any responsible person would have done this. She says she went out for a little time. Sanvri says that she was in the kitchen when she reached, they must first learn to take care of her. Avni tries to say something, but Sanvri says that Pooja is more important for her that anything else. Avni apologizes both jiji and jija.
Raj said why she didn’t take her without informing. Akshit says that there must be some reason in what she did. Pooja comes there; Jija says that it was just a misunderstanding. Akshit leaves saying he knew she must have a reason. After he has left, jiji says that what Sanvri did was all wrong. She is being over possessive about Pooja; jija also supports her. Jiji says we can’t do anything about it, Raj says that Pooja is more important for them, she should keep distance from Sanvri; he hopes Avni understand this.
At night, Raj calls Avni and asks about tomorrow’s plan. She says she has only one lecture, he promises to meet after college.
At morning Akshit tells Arpita to make breakfast. Jiji comes and says that she won’t make breakfast. Jija also comes there saying that on Saturdays the entire household is taken care of by males of the family. Arpita laughs that Akshit doesn’t even know to on the stove, jija says he will teach him all. He suggests he should take a bath, but Jija says that you will even sweat in the kitchen. Akshit asks for Raj, Jiji say he isn’t in the room.
Avni waits for Raj. He comes and asks that did she see a morning show of any movie. She says it isn’t permitted in her family. He says we will watch the movie today, she says she isn’t interested. He says that the popcorn here are awesome. She says she doesn’t want to go, as the first movie date is supposed to be special.
Raj is in the cinema, wondering what if Avni was also here. Avni comes there, he becomes happy as Avni has brought popcorns and drink with her. He says that the first movie date is really special. Sanvri comes to the cinema as well.

PRECAP: Raj stands up to see Sanvri there, he sits, holds Avni and tells her about it. Avni goes out making a veil on her face. Sanvri is skeptical about her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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