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Avni says to sanvri that Pooja likes vanilla so we will make vanilla icecream. Raj comes to kitchen, and says you look beautiful while cooking. He asks what she brought for him and guessed it. Avni pushes him to go out.
Sanvri thanks jiji and jija for coming to their house. She takes Pooja from Madhuri and plays with them. Bahwna comes and asks about akshit and arpita. She says she cooked his favourite Bharwa Karela. Raj says I will take them. He again heads to search for his gift in avni’s room. Avni comes there and says you don’t know any manners. Raj says anything is fair in challenge. Avni calls Abhaas, Raj keeps hand on his mouth but Abhaas comes coughing. Avni says that Raj, she stammers then says that Raj came with his family on lunch so she thought they should meet.

coughs, Raj asks isn’t he alright. He says he isn’t well still he will meet the family.
Abhaas comes to pooja and caresses her but Sanvri scolds and shows concern that he is coughing and has flu, he must go to his room as she doesn’t want Pooja to fell ill. She says that they even don’t know how to take care of the kids and must go to his room.
At the table, jiji wipes Pooja’s face, Savnri stops her and uses a soft tissue. Avni says that sweet dish is remaining still. Jiji tells Raj to go, Bhawna says that this isn’t needed, but jiji says that he works at home as well. Bhawna says that his wife will be very lucky. Raj comes to kitchen, Avni says that her surprise will be loved by him. He takes her promise that she will always remain happy. She leaves the kitchen, but falls dizzy and faints. Raj holds her to her bed, everyone worried. Bhawna brings the doctor, Suket also comes running. Bhawna says she was fine but fainted as she came out of the kitchen. The doctor says that she is ill because of exertion, the doctor asks does she have an injury. She says that she had a needle prick, Bhawna holds her neck in which she feels pain. She tells Bhawna there is a tattoo. Everyone scolds her, Bhawna removes her hair, but she resists. Bhawna sees something written there. Bhawna says she doesn’t understand what is written there, Avni says it is in Chineses language. Raj feels relieved, Avni says it means life. Doctor gives the medicines to her, after he leaves Suket scolds her why she did this without permission. Bhawna also asks why she did this.
Raj wonders why she did this, he begins to text her to ask for its meaning. He gets it that she got Raj written there. He comes up and listens Suket and Sanvri scolding. Suket leaves annoying, Bhawna follows her. Sanvri also leaves.
Raj points to Avni, she goes out while Raj puts hand on her mouth and turns her around to see the tattoo. He says I know what it means, such a big surprise even when you are afraid of needle. She says she wanted to do this. He says you are mad. She says she is crazy for him, this tattoo means Raj but Raj means Life to me. He hugs her.

PRECAP: Suket announces that he will take Avni to the specialist and get it removed forever.

Update Credit to: Sona

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