Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 6th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 6th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hospital
Avni and suket are stunned, when the doctor comes with akshat and after cheking him, he tells them that abhaas is no more, and then drapes him with a white sheet. Avni and suket are apalled while akshat refuses to believe this. The doctor refuses to release the custody of the body, and akshat gets enraged. the doctor says that the police has been called, and then they shall continue with the proceedings. the police arrives and apologising for their loss, he says that they shall have to conduct the postmortem, and then find out the cause of the accident. Akshat says that this isnt an accident but a planned conspiracy by raj. Avni is surprised. He continues and says that they should take raj in custody and then get to the bottom of the story. The police

asks him to calm down and let them investigate and claim the body too for that. suket asks akshat to let it be. Suket finally detatches avni’s hands from abhaas, and they take the body away. avni rushes after them, while suket and akshat run after her, and calm her down.

Scene 2:
Location: Raj’s residence
Raj starts hallucinating, at the dining table, that he and avni are discussing as to how abhaas would set everything straight. virat snekas it just then, and stealthily takes raj’s wallet and surfs through it, and then keeping everything inside, he snekas to his room, while raj is busy in the kitchen.

Scene 3:
Location: Avni’s residence
All the family mours Abhaas’s death. Buaji comes shocked too. Suket laments that he couldnt and didnt even get the chance to tell abhaas that he loves him too much. Buaji is shocked that bhawna still doesnt know this and what would happen when she does. Buaji wonders who shall do this. Suket says that he wont be able to tell bhawna that he could tsave her son, and asks buaji to do it instead. Buaji says that she cant tell a mother, that she lost her son. Akshat tells avni to go and call Bhawna. Avni rises up in a daze, while all mourn inconsolably. Avni goes to Bhawna, and hears her saying that its good that she woke her up, as she is making a sweater for abhaas, as she realised that the winters are approaching and abhaas catches cold very easily. avni is distraught and apalled. Bhawna says that abhaas is the only one who understand him, and that she has to finish it within two days. She asks avni about the colour matching abhaas or not. She finds avni crying desperately, and avni breaks into tears mentioning abhaas. Bhawna asks whats the matter and if suket scolded him, due to coming late, and decides to come down with her, to tell suket that he wont scold abhaas anymore. she storms out, and finds buaji and her husband and says that its good that she came here. Buaji looks at her in a daze. Bhawna says that suket always keep getting angry on abhaas and asks buaji to take carew of abhaas. All stand in a daze, while she says that she would go and talk to suket. she goes to him, oblivious of the body kept on the other side, and says that she knows that they all are angry with him, but he has to stop getting angry at abhaas. avni and others break into tears. Bhawna keeps vouching for abhaas and then realises that all are crying, and assumes that he threw abhaas out of the house. Just then, her eyes roll over, and she finds abhaas’s dead body on the floor, and is stunned and apalled. She goes to him, and asks what happened and if he is okay. she starts slapping the body and asks him to get up, and breaks down completely, while buaji tries to console her in vain. Akshat breaks into prateik’s arms. Akshat says to suket that he wants to know what happened with abhaas. He says that he wants to know what evidence did the police gather against raj, and that he ont be able to live in peace till then, till raj isnt convicted of the crime. Avni is disturbed.

Scene 4:
Location: Crime scene
Meanwhile, Virat goes over to the crime scene, and keeps his wallet there, along with the car. He ducks when the police approach, to investigate the crime scene. Virat thinks that this was the only way to save himself, as he killed two birds with one stone. He smiles evilly.

Scene 5:
Location: Avni’s and raj’s residence
The next morning, raj asks anjali about madhuri, and is told that she went to the temple. He expresses his desire to perform the puja with her. Vikram and Jaichand are happy too. The flower vendor comes in just then, and apologises for coming in late with less flowers, as he got an urgent order from the Khandelwal house. jaichand taunts if their daughter is getting married again. Raj is shocked when the flower vendor tells them that abhaas got killed last night. all are shocked while raj is outraged, and rushes out of the house.

The pre funeral rites begin at avni’s place, where all pay their last respects. The police comes and says that their doubt was right, as they retrieved raj’s wallet from the crime scene. both avni and akshat are shocked. Avni is distraught, as the police says that all evidences indicate that raj is involved in the murder. Raj goes to avni’s place, but she stops him at the threshold, asking how dare he come here. But raj is disturbed and walks in and tries to lament as to what happened. But he is shocked, and stunned when avni slaps him tight across the face, and accuses him of being the culprit. Avni accuses raj that he killed abhaas, and that he is a murderer. The screen freezes on avni’s bitter face.

Precap: Raj is shocked, and she asks the police to arrest him. He is shocked, as he is being taken away by the police. Avni breaks into suket’s arms. In the police station, Avni goes to the police and tells them to show no mercy on raj, till he confesses to the crime. The police starts beating raj to pulp, but avni pretends to be unaffected.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. princess akeela

    this soap doesnt make any sense anymore.. how could virat dot aht to his own nephew omg he is such a DOG

  2. Nonsence can’t believe that virat is goin free again n abhas is dead goin startin to hate this show

  3. this nonsense is going on too long let it be a dream do not kill abhass off the show virat is getting away with everthing including murder. I want abhass to pay dearly for what he did to abhass. let me see now if bawhvna would not speak out now her son is dead and that father in law who encourage bavhna to continue to lie when she wanted to tell the truth. bad storyline why something bad has to happen in order for the truth to come out. why it could not have been virat who was killed.writers why we all love abhass let it be a dream please.

  4. When I first saw Abhas I didn’t know I was going to love him this much. I didn’t know it’s going to hurt if he dies. Omg 🙁 he was a loving character and will be missed so much.

  5. Plz dont do this yaar.. I like dis serial bcoz of avni& abhas ka relationship yaar.. I want a bro like abhas.. He is so smart

  6. sara darama bkwas hogya hai abhas ki death se,,,

  7. this show has taken such a negative turn…its way too over exagerated now…Virat getting away with way too much and the show is loosing its sweetness and innocence with the love between raj and avni…the producers need to shift geers and get back to what the name of the show means “and then we fell in love”…please!

  8. All the members of both families will be ruined by virat & finally when all are finished only raj & avni will remain & then they’ll realise virat is the real culprit aur phir pyaar ho jaayega. Bt by then we’ll be singing ” Aur paagal hooooo gaya ” what do u think guyzz am I wrong ?

  9. Too upsetting, how could you have killed abhaas in his prime time. The show is dangerously veering to negativity.

  10. Pathetic storyline..its going off track….

  11. I dnt think I will watch this serial again. How can abhas die. This is so unfair.

  12. I agree with you sandy. Aur paagal hooo gaya really fits it now as it has taken a very annoying direction. I jst hp all dis rubish of today will be a dream cos abhas cnt die.

  13. Very annoyin, y d he’ll wil u writers kill abhass? Ok, so love dosnt happen without som1 dying? Comonnnn, I so hate wat happed to abhass. I wil neva watch it again

  14. This s soooo boring i swear!how do you expect us to watch this show without Abhas nw?
    he was my favourite, favourite, n favourite character! I hate you director!

  15. I dunno how to express what am feeling, very sad indeed..I jus love abhass too much..

  16. stupid writers. Way too much EVIL. Are the writers evil? Is that why they are showing this to the world in this show so much. This does not happen in real life. Please be realistic.!!!!!!!! STOP WATCHING THIS SHOW PPL.

  17. virat is a goon

  18. The writer of this story line has no brain. In all these tv shows the villain always gets their way. It seems that the main actors do not have a brain to figure out the works of the villain. It could be disgusting to watch and more so not encouraging. Waste of time.

  19. Sad! very sad realiy

  20. avni needs to start trusting raj and they need to make abhaas come back somehow reborn him or somethin

  21. Abbas should have lived the f**king zee TV people NAD skunt them want cak in then ass

  22. I was watching not too long couldn’t stop crying, Abhaas has always been my favourite character apart from Avni of course…have these writers gone mad both families have being through alot already, now they kill off abhaas character and that annoying virat his voice is triggering my migraine plz writers don’t let abhaas die

  23. how can avni do that to raj

    1. Because she doesn’t know the truth and more so refused to find out the truth

  24. Omg..whats happening???i know abhass is not dead no he will cme back..

  25. stupid drama
    i like abhaas character very much
    plz reborn him

  26. What is this nonsense!!! This soap is becoming really frustrating with the evil Virat winning his way like this!!! Come on let the good also thrive pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasee!!!

  27. It is really sad that when a soap/drama starts on zee tv and people begin to watch and they begin to enjoy the characters of the actors and the serial that is when the directors and the writers will come up with silly ideas of killing the character all for no good reason.What can we say is the problem with abhass?is it that he too is now seen as not acting his role well or what?just like it was done in Ek muthi aasman,making the guy to be out of the serials is of no use and this is what viewers get when there is too much twist in stories like this,it is sad that zee tv has succeeded in putting tears into the eyes of so many lovers of this serials once again it would have made a great difference if abhass had been made to go into coma rather than killing the character.Too bad that after EMA this serial happen to be one piece that keeps me on zee tv but with this trauma i think the director and the script writers have lost some fans of this programme

  28. I am really disappointed with avni. Often I get the feeling dat is raj who loves her more. All she can do is doubt. Dumb girl

  29. archanawriter

    I have already stopped watching this show. Bakwas.

  30. I think they are trying to show a repeat of the past. Vickram and Bhavna broke up because he thought that she had his parents killed and now Avni is thinking the same of Raj. There must be a storyline. Everything can’t be all happy and innocent… there must be some drama

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