Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 6th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 6th March 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 6th March 2014 Written Update

Raj goes with his sheru jiju to khandelwal house and does his best in explaining them that he has done not all this with any intention but as he always felt he was part of the family as he had got enough love and care for them and he felt them as his other family as arpita is his rakhi sister and then before he could add more sawari says they know everything which makes raj a bit tensed and bhavna smiles and tells him not to worry as what he did was not wrong and then sheru ji tells them that if they want they can cancel their catering order to avoid any more further problems, and babuji asks saket to make a decision and saket says since every one finds nothing wrong in his actions, their order wont be cancelled but he asks raj not to enter house and be dealing only with his catering

and has nothing to do with their family and function that stunts both abhas and ritesh and sidhi who enter house, and avni is a bit sad while raj sadly glances at her standing on top floor, bhavna welcomes ritesh and sidhi who got haldi for aakshat and asks them to have lunch.

Bhavna was giving medicines to babuji and asks him to take care of self as he has been careless for a long time and babuji reminds her how avni is innocent and how innocense can lead to disaster and reminds her about something which happened 25yrs ago and hope nothing of that sort happens with avni and with their family again and bhavna walks off with a long face.

She is in kitchen when abhas comes inside and asks her why saket has banned raj from entering house and at same time he clears himself saying he dont like raj but what raj has done was nothing bad and he then even adds saying avni and he are not like their parents so why cannot they have their own life without saket and others interfering in, bhavna is taken back by some sad memory and tells him he wont understand things as he has not seen the world and his father has gotten more experience over things than him and shoos him off the kitchen

Sawari is happy that she was able to come to her home over wedding vacation while was spoiled by ydays drama and her husband asks her to make good relations with every one and sawari reminds him how arpita and her family forgot to mention his fathers name on card and before she could add more, bhavna comes there and says arpita donno many things and since she is coming into their house as daughter in law she has to be taught manythings and asks sawaris help over it for which her husband is laughing seeing sawari is not getting the point that bhavna is making fun of her.

Raj was trying to look for avni and hopes he can get to see her and wonders he will take all pain for her but can never put her in any difficult situation and hope she is fine and leaves while avni is saying to self that she knows what ever happened yday was nothing but a mistake but she cannot talk to him as she was banned from talking to him by her father and she cannot disobey him.

Bhavna takes sawari to garden where arpita is trying to make a model of govind ji, and is struggling and bhavna asks sawari to help her in that as sawari makes best ones and leaves them together which makes arpita a bit tensed and hopes it will be done good.

Raj is sitting in garden and working while sidhi and ritesh sees him and goes there to ask him not to sit out and go inside and then makes fun of him how he was not allowed to get inside house for which raj says its nothing like that and ritesh tells him to remember that he is just a caterer and asks him to be in line and not to try to be avnis boy friend caz of smile he got , as no matter how hard he tried and made avni win avni is not talking to him now, and he was about to add more when abhas comes there and asks ritesh to stop it which makes him smile as he thinks abhas is gonna bash raj but abhas reminds ritesh that its his house and they are guest and his family will decide about who will be welcomed and who will not be and before ritesh could ad more, he reminds him its not mumbai but rajasthan where he should learn to behave and reminds them that they are glad to be arpitas relatives else he wont spare anyone who speaks nonsense about his sister and before ritesh could say more says how they love to make mess of things and create drama for which he smirks while sidhi takes him off from there, raj thanks abhas for which abhas says he is not there to be his friend but he stood for what is wrong and says his and rajs relation will be same like old times.

Avni tries talking to saket who asks akshat to take their canadian relatives to shopping instead of raj and asks abhas to help him in deciding sweets for occasion as raj is not their family they do it them selves and sends him off to pick gifts avni was about to talk to him about haldi to be picked from temple and he tries to arrange for one, when babuji tells him he is done with his work and will go to temple with raj but saket asks him not to take raj any where as he dont want any more favor from him and goes off to do it on his own, while avni is sad and babuji hopes he can find her lost smile on her face again.

Arpita is wondering how to bring smile on sawaris face and she gets calls from akshat and she tells him same, he advices her to give her sweets while on the other side one guy enters house with sweets and shows him about saket as abhas wanted saket to taste them while babuji takes plate and sends him off.

Arpita gives sweets to sawari and sawari screams at her for trying to make her fat, and then arpita is praising her about how well she is making statue while akshat gives him advice to do so, while sawari tries to smile but remembers her anger and then arpita reminds her about sawaris wedding saree and how she went to sleep due to weight of it, and then sawari notices akshat is helping and when arpita says sorry she walks off form there annoyed.

Babuji eats all sweets in his room and avni brings something for him to eat as she thinks he didnot had anything and babuji makes excuse of going for walk to digest his sweets, avni sees raj is garden and refuses to go in, while raj is sad that caz of him she is not allowed to enter garden too and walks off from there while avni walks in, babuji takes two steps and faints calling out avni.

Precap:- Avni in panic mode is trying to fix insulin and is breaking all while she is asking raj to help her as in stress she cannot handle things while raj asks her to calm down in harsh tone

Update Credit to: ChillMaarYaar

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