Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 6th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 6th February 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 6th February 2014 Written Update

Raj is ill with fewer off 102 degree and his sister Asha and Jiju Sheru are scolding him when he says he did in this state caz of Avni and then tells them its the same gal and they all are happy n Sheru asks him to be more happy as they got akshat’s wedding contract.

Avni is annoyed that her pictures on mobile are not downloading and sawari asks her to chill and then calls up men only to know they all went to shopping and bhavna, sawari and arpita’s mother decide to go to shopping and avni decides to make kachori’s for arpita and arpita calls up akshat and akshat says he is heading to her place and when she asks him about being with others akshat says he made excuse and is coming home.

Avni brings kachoris for arpita and then when arpita asks avni

to wait and then while eating avni wonders how can anyone leave their vehicle to make some one reach their destination properly , how can anyone be in cold weather and wonders and then when arpita says no one does it now a days and then avni decides to tell her but then notices arpita struggling with her cough and avni is worried and helpless as to wat to do , when akshat enters house and seeing arpita in such a state he is worried and when avni tells him its caz of kachori akshat checks it and says its caz of garlic and then says she is allergic to garlic and then gets her bag and gives her medication and then asks avni to bring water while saying how can arpita be so careless and reminds her about same condition happening couple of days ago which makes avni wonder and avni asks him about it and akshat makes up story that arpita had told him about it on their bus ride and avni buys it, avni gets a call and when she was going to take call, akshat tells her not to tell anyone in family as they will be worried, avni agrees and akshat and arpita are glad nothing went wrong.

Bhavna calls up avni and asks her about everything in house being ok, and avni tells them all fine and when asked about arpita she says she is resting and bhavna says they will be reaching soon, avni cuts call and then notices akshat and arpita pic in concert and then she remembers akshat screaming at arpita just couple of mins ago, akshat and arpita in their room and avni goes there with worried look and wont answer akshat and then shows him their pic together which stuns both akshat and arpita as they look at each other with worried look and avni asks him why they lied to them about being in concert and then arpita tells her that they had to lie or else every one will know that they knew each other from before and arpita tells her that they love each other and wanted to marry and could not as they loved and all, and then akshat tells her how he placed her pic in short listed ones and says he didnot want to hurt anyone, and then avni is all excited as she keeps puzzles into place and then akshat tells her not to tell avni to tell anyone about it even now and arpita gives nonsense about families being traditional and literally blackmails avni not to say as they will break wedding now at this point, avni says atleast mom should know about it , and avni is excited when they hear car sound and before avni could go and fetch them akshat tells her not to tell anything to family and then gives her kasam,

Bhavna reads avni and asks her to tell something , and before she could answer akshat cuts in and says about garlic allergy and arpita asks them not to post pone engagement and every one goes to pack their stuff while avni is very sad.

Akshat is uttering nonsense and justifying himself about his lies and hiding thing about love marriage and all, arpita then tells him that she is upset she cannot hold it in her anymore, and akshat is worried about avni as this truth will kill avni as he knows her and both are worried about avni and this makes arpita more worried as she knows avni trusts her more than anyone and akshat hope she wont suffer caz of lying, akshat is honestly worried about avni, arpita tells him how long will it go and then akshat says dont worry once married we dont have to worry about it and hope things will end soon and they get married soon and she will fit in their family nicely n will get loved and respected and she is like a gal his family always wanted.

Arpita is all emotional over her bonding with avni and then reminds him all about how avni stood with them and both are hopefully that avni stands bu them even now and when they hold hands avni sees them and akshat hope avni supports them in this and avni is wondering does loving some one need to be lied.

Precap: Bhavna says I know u avni u want to say something and cannot u tend to eat more and avni says no while akshat and arpita are worried , sawari says she knows whats bothering avni and then tells a tale about guy and gal being in love even before their families met. Avni, Arpita and Akshat are worried and stunned

Update Credit to: ChillMaarYaar

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